Saudi Arabia cleans and sanitizes 90,000 mosques


After closure of two months, the ministry of Islamic affairs, call and guidance in Saudi Arabia, and its staff have cleaned and sanitized over 90,000 major and minor mosques across the Kingdom, except in Makkah.


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Infection Control
June 3, 2020
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Saudi Arabia cleans and sanitizes 90,000 mosques

The ministry has made various campaigns appealing to the worshippers to abide by all the preventive measures issued for their personal safety and curb the spread of coronavirus. Measures include doing ablution at home, hand washing and using sanitizers before going to the mosque and after returning to their homes. The use of masks is recommended and shaking of hands to be avoided.

Reading and reciting of the Holy Quran is advised to be done using personal phones or having a private copy of the Quran. The ministry has also advised the elderly and those having chronic health issues to refrain from coming to mosques and pray in their homes.

Worshippers are encouraged to get their own mat for prayers and maintain two metres distance from each other. Children under the age of 15 are strictly prohibited to accompany.

The ministry successfully carried out the cleaning and sanitizing process in all the mosques in the Kingdom as per world-class standards. The sanitization included 43 million of various sized volumes of the Quran, 6,00,000 Quran cupboards, and repairing and maintenance of 1,76,000 water closets annexed to the mosques.