Microfibre in Healthcare


With hygiene fast becoming an even more crucial factor in the healthcare industry


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January 14, 2018
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Microfibre in Healthcare
With hygiene fast becoming an even more crucial factor in the healthcare industry, it is time to move beyond just the various cleaning chemicals and equipment used and focus on the tools as well. These tools are the ideal media to beat bacteria and infection outbreaks and must be selected for the right application. For this reason, using cleaning systems that contain microfiber products is an ideal choice when contamination control is a top priority. Microfiber can be found in various cleaning utensils - mopping systems, wipes/ cloths and sponges are just a few examples of where microfiber can be found. Most of this is probably already implemented in your cleaning process today, making the switch to microfiber would be easy! 

Microfiber advantages

Microfiber is a man-made fiber with a very small diameter. This material is more than 10 times smaller than traditional polyester fibers and more than 80 times smaller than a human hair. What does this mean? Microfibers penetrate deeper into the surface than traditional fibers. They use mechanical action to remove contaminants that are missed by traditional fibers. Numerous cleaning advantages of microfiber are superior cleaning capabilities, ability to remove microbes, disposable/ single-use and durable/launderable, reduce the amount of chemicals and water needed, as well as ergonomic benefits.

How does this help in the healthcare industry? Minimizing cross contamination and proven hygienic cleaning performance remain as the top advantages. Using microfiber can significantly lower hospital infection rates through avoidance of cross-contamination. Patients use cleanliness and hygiene as a top decision maker when choosing a healthcare facility; microfiber can help increase a patient’s perspective of any facility. Using the right microfiber product can lower your total costs for any cleaning operation through optimized 1-step cleaning processes and well-trained cleaning staff.

Pre-prepared and single use

Within healthcare settings, the single-use concept is becoming widely popular. Single-use products reduce the risk of cross contamination dramatically as one product is used per patient room and simply disposed of after use. In sites without laundry, this is paramount to stop the spread of bacteria and infection between patient rooms. Pre-preparation is the ideal method for reliable, hygienic and ergonomic cleaning within the healthcare industry. The pre-prepared method makes it easier to clean without the continual ergonomic strain of dipping and wringing, carrying heavy buckets or pushing large trolleys. The idea is that before entering the room you saturate your required cleaning products with a solution. That means all you need to carry into the room is a box with lid and the pre-prepared product inside! The advantages are no dipping, no wringing, no cross contamination, no heavy trolleys, less use of chemicals/disinfectants, light and ergonomic. Mops, wipes, and sponges all have the potential to be pre-prepared. With the benefits of the pre-prepared method combined with the proven superior cleaning properties of microfiber, this is the best defense against crosscontamination and the spread of bacteria and infection.

With a superior cleaning performance, proven bacteria removal, easy and effective prepreparation and hygienic handling, microfiber is the best choice for your healthcare site. With the right microfiber product, the applications within your facilities are limitless. Floors, walls ceilings and everything in between can benefit from the use of microfiber.

Case study

As a leading manufacturer of microfiber within this industry, Vileda Professional has some of the most innovative microfiber cleaning systems available. A large teaching hospital (1,000+ bed and 47 surgical suites) with a Level 1 trauma center and burn unit was searching for an alternative to their existing disinfectant wipes.

Issues facing this hospital included:

•Cost of the single-use dispensing canister (purchase price and disposal costs of a large number of empty plastic canisters)

• Ineffective disinfection due to wipes drying from improper canister closing

•Concerns of cross contamination because canisters were being moved from room to room. Vileda Professional offered an innovative wipe called MicroOne® and a pre-saturation method that addressed each one of the hospital’s issues. This product creates a high strength, absorbent wipe that is color-coded to allow for easy identification and segregation.

It uses a simple pre-preparation method that incorporates a resealable bag and reusable 6-liter bucket with lid. Each room has a dedicated bucket and lid that are not transferred from room to room, so the potential for crosscontamination is greatly reduced.

The hospital adopted MicroOne® with the pre-prepared bucket system in all of the surgical suites. Vileda Professional conducted training for all shifts and departments in the proper methods and procedures to implement the pre-prepared method for disinfecting. This hospital reports high satisfaction with the cleaning/ disinfecting capability, ease-of-use and an overall reduction in the solid waste stream. There are plans to roll out similar applications to othe areas in the future.

About the Author: Gina DiGiovanni Kirby is the Marketing Coordinator for Vileda Professional®, a brand of Freudenberg® USA. Vileda Professional® is a leading global manufacturer of innovative cleaning systems, specifically for health care, controlled environments, general building cleaning and specialty markets. She has worked for Vileda Professional® since June of 2000.