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Why cleaning must be everyone’s responsibility?


Creating a culture of shared responsibility reinforces the importance of cleanliness and ensures that everyone on the team is committed to contributing to a clean and safe environment.


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July 10, 2023
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Why cleaning must be everyone’s responsibility?

"Cleanliness is next to godliness." We have often heard this phrase during our early days which stresses the importance of cleanliness as a virtue that encompasses physical and mental wellbeing and cleanliness of the environment. Adopting cleanliness as a way of life can lead to a healthier and happier community, promoting a positive and harmonious society.

In the hospitality industry traditionally it’s Housekeepers utmost task to ensure a clean environment , maintain a positive guest experience, building credibility, and protecting the reputation of a hotel( in terms of cleanliness )  but this  stemmed from the pandemic era with a revision in the industry standard, where “Cleaning is everyone’s responsibility “ was vocal & gradually getting accepted as new industry norm. 

Hotel chains have embedded a new pitch “culture of cleaning “or “cleaning with everyone” where the efforts toward clean were the top priority of everyone. Emphasizing “The cleanliness is crucial to guest satisfaction” as the new guests are MORE curious to know “HOW IT WAS CLEAN “to match their satisfaction level. Cleaning became more LIVE then behind the doors. 

Guests choose hotels based on the comfort, ambiance with a pristine, hygienic environment hence, it is the responsibility of every hotel staff member to prioritize cleanliness in every aspect of their work &   foster a culture where everyone in the hotel takes ownership for cleanliness 24/7 and Keep hotel clean and tidy to enhance the guests’ comfort and satisfaction.

The responsibility of cleaning is not limited to housekeeping staff alone. All employees, including front desk staff, restaurant staff, and maintenance staff, are encouraged to keep the premises neat and tidy. Creating a culture of shared responsibility reinforces the importance of cleanliness and ensures that everyone on the team is committed to contributing to a clean and safe environment.

A clean and hygienic hotel environment is essential for guests, staff, and the overall reputation of a hotel. Requiring everyone to take responsibility for maintaining a clean environment promotes a sense of ownership and ensures:

  1. Improving overall cleanliness
    When everyone in the hotel staff takes responsibility for cleaning, it ensures that every corner is attended too. This improves the overall cleanliness of the hotel, making it more appealing to guests.
  2. Cost-saving
    When every employee takes part in cleaning, hotels can save money on hiring external cleaning services.
  3. Improved morale
    When every employee is responsible for keeping the hotel clean, it gives them a sense of pride in their work and a sense of ownership. This leads to improved job satisfaction and higher morale among the staff.
  4. Improving teamwork
    Making cleaning everyone's responsibility fosters teamwork and a sense of community. It instills a culture where everyone is responsible for the well-being of the hotel, which promotes better employee engagement, staff retention, and overall job satisfaction.
  5. Fewer accidents
    When everyone is responsible for cleaning, there's less chance of accidents related to slippery floors or cluttered workspaces. This promotes a safe work environment for both staff and guests.
  6. Improved guest satisfaction
    When a hotel is clean and tidy, guests tend to be more satisfied with their stay, which leads to positive online reviews and repeat business.
  7. Reduced workload
    When everyone is responsible for cleaning, it reduces the workload of specific staff, allowing them more time to focus on other core responsibilities. 
  8. Promoting hygiene practices
    When everyone is responsible for cleanliness, they are more likely to take care of themselves and colleagues leading to a healthy and hygienic work environment, which can be particularly important in a hotel setting.

About the author

Prabhat is a hospitality professional & a hotel Aficionado brings 20 years of extensive experience in housekeeping, studied hospitality management in India before working for Jaypee Group of Hotels, Hyatt  IHG where he has served in various roles in India; Dubai; Kuwait & Qatar. He is currently working with Intercontinental Doha the city & Intercontinental Residence suites an Iconic 225 meter tower in the heart of Doha’s business west bay hub, working in the capacity of Director of Housekeeping, InterContinental Doha The City. He also holds the position of the President – Asian Housekeepers Association, He was founder & chairperson of Kuwait Housekeeper’s Group (2009) & Qatar Housekeepers Association (2013) Group.