Who’s Afraid of the Public Washroom?


Concerns about hygiene, cleanliness, and safety are always present in public washrooms. How to make them safer is of utmost importance.


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April 27, 2021
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Who’s Afraid of the Public Washroom?

Toilets are a necessary part of any building and most of us expect them to be safe and hygienic whenever we visit them. Regardless of the urgency or however pristine it’s said to be, there might be a factor which makes us use the facility with utmost care. 

There is a clear link between the condition of public washrooms and the perceived overall quality of the relevant site. For most people running a business, washrooms are simply regarded as a necessary amenity. It’s time to realize that they leave a lasting impression on customers. 

The pandemic has done nothing to make public washrooms more appealing, as they come with high-touch surfaces and often-lidless WC’s. Whilst hygiene and maintenance are identified as the biggest issues, the design and aesthetics of a washroom can affect the user’s perception of comfort. Changing the design of the washrooms to make them more user-friendly might be a first step.

A washroom should be well lit and spacious, clean and well ventilated, well designed with large mirrors, and provide a hygienic, no-touch experience. With an integrated washroom solution, one can achieve all customer's requirements of a perfect washroom experience. 

Must-have products and technologies in a public washroom

  • Products should include touch free hand drying and toilet tissue dispensers, programmable air fresheners as well as touch free sanitizer dispensers for the toilet cubicle and sanitary bins that are pedal or sensor operated.  
  • Additional toilet hygiene products can be added such as the battery-operated self-cleaning toilet seat. It is a device that cleans and sanitizes the toilet seat automatically after each use - Of course, hands-free. 
  • Manual toilet seat cleaners can be made available for customers, which are dispensed through a push dispenser. These cleaning agents are quick-drying and anti-bacterial.
  • Battery-operated non-touch paper bins are a good feature to have in any public washroom. 
  • When it comes to sensor soap dispensers, there is a very large variety on offer. And it is the soap that matters too, from foam to cream soap, in various fragrances, mild and anti-bacterial. 
  • The air in a washroom must always smell fresh. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to not only use an air freshener but an air deodorizer, controlling and eliminating active odors and improving the air quality.
  • Noisy flush systems and air dryers can be quite annoying when in a washroom. Every effort should be made to reduce noise levels by installing quieter systems and ideally, hand towels rather than air dryers. 

To underline the tranquility in your washrooms, please allow for some appropriate storage for cleaning equipment and supplies. It is a real eyesore when you enter a washroom and the cleaning equipment is visible. In addition, some relaxing music tunes can be piped in, this makes the washroom experience more enjoyable.


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