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The demands on housekeeping – technology can help


Tatjana Ahmed how technology can ease the tasks of housekeeping.


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March 4, 2022
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The demands on housekeeping – technology can help

In the hospitality industry, housekeeping is arguably the most hard-working department.

Taken for granted and mostly unseen, housekeeping plays a vital role in one of the most crucial aspects of the hotel itself, the hygiene and cleanliness.

Isn’t their work more important than ever these days? How can we, as Housekeeping Managers assist the room attendants to overcome their challenges?

I don’t have to run down the list of tasks they need to complete in their often 9 to 10-hour shifts. From pulling heavy linen carts to scrubbing and wiping down surfaces, high level dusting and lifting beds and furniture. If no proper posture is applied, these physical demands can cause serious health problems. 

While maintaining highest standards, rooms need to be turned around very quickly. We all enjoy very high occupancy levels, but guests want to check in as soon as they reach the hotel.

Guests are demanding and there is certainly no room for mistakes. Having a proper system in place in which a team leader or supervisor double checks the room is of utmost importance. 


Haven gone through the Pandemic, focus is still on additional sanitation and disinfections of the guest rooms. Perhaps frequency cleaning schedules have also increased their interval. Cleaning for health was always a subject which was at the forefront of good housekeeping. And even before the Pandemic, statistics have shown that hotels which have high cleanliness ratings in their reviews are preferred by travelers, whether they travel for leisure or business.

So what are the solutions we can provide to our hard working attendants to make is easier and better for them? 

Firstly, ensuring that they have the best cleaning tools, ie vacuum cleaners with strong suction and tools to reach high up areas, high quality micro fiber dusters and larger trolleys to accommodate this extra bit of linen and supplies. 

Secondly, don’t shy away from using new technologies. Mobile apps are user friendly, stream line the hotels operation and are a useful help when inspecting rooms. Predefined and custom made checklists which are uploaded on the app are a real time saver. Using mobile apps can have a huge impact on your housekeeping operation and keep standards where they belong – high up. Room attendants will benefit as standards are clearly defined through the app and therefor lesser mistakes are made.