ONE-ON-ONE with Ram Sharan Khatiwada


We spoke to Ram Sharan Khatiwada, Rooms Operations Manager, Lapita, Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts about a unique training program he recently conducted for housekeeping professionals. 


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April 1, 2023
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ONE-ON-ONE with Ram Sharan Khatiwada

Training makes or breaks an organization. We could have the best cleaning technologies or chemicals in the world but if our staff is not well trained to use them, even the best resources will be of no benefit.  Agree?

We spoke to Ram Sharan Khatiwada, Rooms Operations Manager, Lapita, Lapita Dubai Parks and Resorts about a unique training program he recently conducted for housekeeping professionals. 

What makes training important for housekeepers? 

Training leads to an improvement in a housekeeper's performance, productivity, time management and customer interaction. It also enhances their first-person problem - solving skills. A housekeeper often receives complaints from visiting guests and proper training enables them to handle and resolve these complaints. 

In addition to this, training also provides a potential for career development or transfers among housekeepers and leads to workplace innovation and common goals. 

In fact, training, especially the daily briefing and communication meeting should convey gratitude and provide the associates with a sense of importance and value. The training session should last 15 minutes and cover doing spot checks and on-the-job training for work-related learning. Job training is a method of instructing operational personnel or employees on how to do their jobs on the actual work floor. 

Tell us about the training programme that you recently conducted

I worked with Dubai College of Tourism and came up with a unique course (Housekeeping Fundamentals | Dubai College of Tourism) through which they learn how to provide quality housekeeping services in the hospitality industry including cleaning and preparing rooms, making the perfect bed, using various cleaning supplies and replenishing guest rooms.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to demonstrate appropriate service behavior in the role of a housekeeping professional. They will also be able to understand the usage of basic housekeeping equipment and cleaning agents and participate in the operation and execution of cleaning techniques and servicing guest rooms.

In addition to this, we also implement the Marriott's “Commitment to Clean,”  post COVID -19. Through this initiative, we train more than 300 associates in the latest sanitation guidelines and operational training (with certification). All new-hires are oriented with Marriott guestVoice / guest feedback program process. Marriott loyalty program benefits refreshment for all.

This particular training helps our associates implement and execute a daily training plan/calendar. It helps them in performance tracking as progress reports are to be displayed on the board. 

We also keep the personal aspirations of housekeepers in mind while developing the training program. Personal goals and individual development plans (IDP) are discussed during one-on-one meetings. 

Which aspects of cleaning do you believe housekeepers need more training in? 

There are two aspects of training need more focus:

  •         ABC of Housekeeping room cleaning training sequence
  •       On the job training with a corrective action plan

How do you retain housekeeping staff after you train them? 

  •         Provide the opportunity, promote internally or hire externally, motivation and support. Understand the housekeeper’s human needs and personal aspirations. 
  •         Give them an Integrated job and place them in different roles in with same department/ division.