Housekeeping Tips & Tricks


Housekeeping tips are here to stay! Every housekeeper has tried and tested shortcuts that solve a cleaning problem, if not more, then as efficiently and effectively as regular cleaning products.


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May 18, 2017
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Housekeeping Tips & Tricks

Some of the region’s top housekeepers reveal their trusted tips to solve a cleaning problem.

Cluster Director of Housekeeping, IHG, Crowne Plaza Kuwait Al Thuraya City

Problem: Burnt, Tarnished, Spotted Kettle Repeated boiling of water leaves scales on the bottom of every kettle, which makes it look unsightly. And, if the has a copper, stainless steel or Teflon bottom, it becomes worse. Many times guests boil whatever they deem fit in the kettle including milk and eggs! Hence, a quick tip that is 100% effective is the way to go before the room is handed over to the next guest.


Materials to be used

• 300 ml of water
• 1 teaspoon Suma Scale (D5.2)
• Nylon scrubbing brush
• Clean duster


• Put the water and Suma Scale into the kettle and let the solution come to a boil for 2 minutes
• With a nylon scrubbing brush scrub off the tarnish /scales
• Rinse the kettle under running water
• Wipe with a clean duster and keep for use.

Note: This is only done if Kettles are found Tarnished/Scaled or Burnt


Housekeeping Manager, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotels & Villas

Problem: Stained silver-plated cutlery

Materials used

• Metal bowl
• Sheet of Aluminum Foil
• Baking soda
• Hot water
• Dry dusting cloth


1. Lay the sheet of foil in the bowl
2. Pour 1 tablespoon of baking soda in it
3. Place the desired silver plated table ware on top of this; in our casewe use a heavily oxidized spoon.
4. Pour hot water until the spoon is completely submerged
5. Leave it for a couple of hours for the chemical to react.
6. Remove the spoon from the metal bowl, rinse with fresh water and wipe with a clean, dry duster.
7. Voila! We have a shiny, clean spoon to place back in guestrooms

Advantage: The benefit of using this method is that it’s extremely cost effective, no harsh chemicals are used and this can be done by anyone after being trained.

Executive Housekeeper, Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Fujairah

Problem: Dirty walls How long has it been since you cleaned your walls? We mostly concentrate on cleaning floors, windows and staircases. Walls are very important as they get spoiled with stains and mostly dust by the window side (or) from the AC vent.

Materials used:

• Flat mop
• Multipurpose cleaner (or liquid soap in warm water)
• Spray bottle


• Pour the multipurpose liquid into a spray bottle
• Spray the liquid on the wall and mop the wall with some pressure.
• Use a side to side motion for easier application
• If your wall is dusty, use a dry flat mop to wipe off the dust and then use the liquid

 Problem: Crayon on walls Use a blow dryer to heat up the crayon wax on the wall and then wipe with a soft, wet soapy washcloth


Executive Housekeeper, Hilton Dubai The Walk

Problem: Stained Iron

Materials used:

• Panadol tablet
• Soft dry cloth


• Heat the stained iron to low heat.
• Switch it off and rub a Panadol tablet to the stained surface while it is still hot.
• Once the stain starts to come out, wipe it off with a dry soft cloth.


Executive Housekeeper, Fraser Suites Dubai

Problem: Lime scale deposits and water marks in shower cubicles and decorative fountains, etc.

Materials used

- Vinegar
- Dishwashing liquid
- Warm or hot water (not boiling)
- Dusters (to wipe)
- Spray can



- Mix one portion of vinegar + one portion of dish washing liquid + three portions of hot water
- Put all the ingredients in the spray can and spray directly on the affected glass surface, ensuring that all areas are evenly sprayed and covered
- Leave on for a few minutes
- Wipe surface using the clean glass duster (DO NOT SCRUB)

Advantage: Simply wiping reduces the time and effort it would otherwise take to clean this sort of stain.


- If the duster is too wet from the solution, wipe off all the solution from the surface and then use an alternate glass duster to completely wipe it dry
- This chemical can also be used on stainless steel fixtures and buffed dry for shine

Director of Housekeeping, Intercontinental Fujairah Resort

Problem: Cleaning a refrigerator

 Materials used

• Baking soda
• Water
• Soft Cloth


• Dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 34 fl oz (1 litre) of water
• Scrub the inside of the refrigerator with it.
• Then wipe it with a soft cloth.
• To eliminate unpleasant smells, you don’t have to buy special absorbents. You can just place some products that can be easilyfound - pieces of dark bread, baking soda, lemon slices, absorbent coal.

Other tips

1. Use a hairdryer to remove water rings from wooden surfaces and refresh them with olive oil
2. Play dough can be used to remove spilled glitter.
3. Broken glass can be picked up by pressing a piece of bread on it.
4. Lint rollers are great for removing dust from lampshades


Director Of Housekeeping, Rose Rayhaan By Rotana

Problem: Cigarette/cigar smoke odour in smoking rooms There are many times when we have faced challenges of smoking rooms being used back-to-back and then being left with very strong smoke odour. Ozone machines or Ionizers do help deodourise the room, but it takes time. For a faster and longer solution, coffee powder is the way to go.

Solution: Pour dry, ground coffee powder in small, perforated bags and tie these around AC vents to deodorise smoking guest rooms quickly