Supply Chain Management Software Enhancing FM Solutions - By Latha Krishnan


Software to manage assets/facilities has become an accepted norm with FM organisations in the Middle East region


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Facilities Management
February 14, 2018
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Supply Chain Management Software Enhancing FM Solutions - By Latha Krishnan

Software to manage assets/facilities has become an accepted norm with FM organisations in the Middle East region. These software solutions help companies to also drive continuous improvement and efficiencies through their supply chain, which includes suppliers, purchasing processes, products and inventory. Streamlining the supply chain is critical in improving the delivery of services and providing value for money to their clients.

IBM Maximo

More than 250 clients in the Middle East of whom the majority are in the Gulf countries, are getting good value for money from the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Solutions (EAM). Provided by eSolutions, a Premium Business Partner of IBM and a Dubai headquartered company that seeks to address diverse enterprise business requirements and implement end-to-end solutions by promoting, implementing and supporting multi-solutions through different divisions, IBM Maximo EAM is one of the leading EAM solutions in the world.

IBM Maximo provides comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management for all types of assets on a common platform, optimizing their performance and maximizing return on investment. Consisting of six key management modules - asset, work, service, contract, materials and procurement management - in an enhanced service-oriented architecture, the IBM Maximo EAM solution optimizes the performance of every asset.

“Our asset management solutions support asset types in key industries, including life sciences, nuclear power, oil and gas, service providers, transportation and utilities. FM is one of the various service sectors that we support,” informs Suchi Shams, Regional Sales Manager of eSolutions Maximo. “We offer end-to-end capabilities to FM organizations providing a unified platform bringing together different departments such as the maintenance, contracts, finance, procurement, inventory management and distribution and service. An FM solution without supply chain capability turns out to be unproductive, inefficient, expensive and risky, as the organization will have to deal with multiple systems that are separate with no cohesion and increased costs. So Maximo EAM, which is an end-to-end integrated system that addresses the needs of the entire maintenance organization is the ideal solution.”

A comprehensive end-to-end FM solution includes supply chain management as it comprises the procurement process and inventory management. Any FM company that wants to measure the cost of maintenance of a facility needs such a system. The variables needing to be measured include the sourcing and purchase of equipment and consumables, tools, resources, etc., as well as inventory and warehousing. They have to be used optimally to execute the work orders according to the size and scope of work involved and the costs involved. Only through such a system can the company keep track of costs and the profitability of the work done.

Rosmiman FM Solutions

Rosmiman FM Solutions offered by leading FM companies in the region including Advanced Technology Consultancy (ATC) headquartered in Abu Dhabi enables users to track costs and profitability as well as manage the contracts with the customers rendering the maintenance services. The solution also ensures that all service commitments stipulated in the contract are fulfilled. Inventory management permits clients to update the list of facilities and equipment to be maintained (facilities, equipment, and components) up to the detailed level desired by the user, as well as to manage their locations. Maintenance plan management ensures that all necessary functions to perform the activities in relation to corrective, preventive and route maintenance are done as well as processing work orders.

“In addition to the usual FM aspects, Rosmiman FM solution provides procurement, inventory management, warehouse management and invoicing as part of its supply chain management functions. Purchase, procurement and dispersal of consumables and equipment for the projects, which are defined with the system are taken care of when using Rosmiman,” says Parry Singh, Business Development Manager of ATC.

Rosmiman’s services include all functions required to manage warehouses and purchases in a comprehensive and integrated way and in connection with the service provided by the company. The system enables control of all aspects related to the materials required by the maintenance organisation. The effective administration of material and tools ensure their correct availability, preventing surprises and obtaining better financial results.

Benefits of integrated EAM software solutions

Companies using Rosmiman Solutions get a comprehensive vision of all assets and meet the industry safety standards and regulations. They can quickly locate and manage the entire inventory of a building or facility and easily detect and manage all incidents in a building or facility, whether scheduled or unexpected. In addition they can reduce maintenance and operational costs, reduce energy costs and other supplies, extend the life of their assets, and increase the quality of the services provided to their customers. Thus a comprehensive FM solution does indeed offer several benefits.

As benefits go, using Maximo as their EAM is also highly beneficial to asset custodians, FM service providers and asset managers. The asset custodians, who are the owners of multiple assets use Maximo to measure and evaluate their service providers’ performances, service levels, and quality of services, track the cost of maintenance of their assets, etc. Service providers use Maximo to track work orders, plan and schedule their services delivery, etc. Asset managers use it to supervise the complete system of asset management, which also involves maintaining the value of a company.

The future of cutting-edge EAM solutions

Maintaining the value of a company with the latest version of software is advantageous to all stakeholders. Maximo, which is IBM Watson IoT enabled, is equipped to take on the future of EAM solutions. Watson IoT (Internet of Things) solution is IBM’s conceptual transformation technology marrying artificial intelligence (AI) with IoT. It uses sensors to collect data and functions based on the analysis of that data.

“IBM is a pioneer in the technology and Maximo customers can have it as an add-on to their Maximo solutions whenever they are ready for it. The assets to be managed have to be Watson ready by having sensors installed on them. The sensors will enable data to be collected and sent to the Cloud where it is analysed and maintenance measures are automatically calculated based on it. Then predictive maintenance and optimum upkeep of assets are made possible automatically,” explains Suchi Shams.

Watson IoT is currently used to run the robot Rashid at Emirates Towers. Rashid can deliver 14 different government services of Dubai. Watson IoT is also helping transform a part of the Dubai South Development into a complete Smart City within a city. “The UAE and Dubai are at the forefront of smart technology and the smart government initiative is progressing well due to the readiness of the government to adopt and adapt to the latest technology. Watson IoT and we are proud to be part of that exciting future,” adds Shams.