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G4S Committed to Lead the Fight Against COVID-19


In an ever changing environment, G4S is ideally placed to lead the fight against COVID 19 in the UAE.


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June 8, 2020
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G4S Committed to Lead the Fight Against COVID-19

As a global leader in risk, business continuity, security solutions and FM, G4S understands the individual needs of its markets and customers. As this pandemic evolves, they continue to develop solution offerings that are tailored to the needs of the business and customers.

In the UAE, the company has recently added disinfection and sanitation services to its COVID-19 offerings, which already includes a broad range of services such as scanning and detection technology, AI and analytics as well as technology-enabled physical guarding. As the country embraces the next phase of the pandemic and looks at returning to the workplace, the need to protect people is in sharp focus. To support this, in addition to the work done and advice given by our Government, G4S can provide Dubai Municipality certified disinfection and sanitation services to make sure facilities are ready to welcome their workforce back to a safe environment.

Waqar Mohamed, Director G4S FM UAE, says, “We would recommend this on an ongoing and regular basis; this is in addition and in compliance to any and all current regulatory requirements. Our people are always our first priority, so the protection of our colleagues was where the need first arose, and now we are providing this service to our customers, existing and new. As a BICSc certified provider, we operate to the highest standards to help keep a safe environment, and only use Dubai Municipality-approved biocides." The additional service is part of G4S' readiness programme, which includes a range of initiatives across the spectrum that will help keep its customers best-prepared as business moves back towards normality. This includes availability of staff and resources, innovative pricing, and technology-led security solutions, mask detection, thermal scanning, AI and utilisation of existing security infrastructure to meet the new threat level.

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