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Cleaning in High Traffic Areas: The Airport Sector


Marhaba! Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman and have a safe journey from this beautiful country.


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April 11, 2017
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Cleaning in High Traffic Areas: The Airport Sector

Al Nab’a Service LLC takes immense pride in its Omani Heritage and in being part of any traveler’s first and last experience of Oman. With expertise and knowledge spanning more than 30 years, the company excels in maintaining the highest sanitation and cleaning standards, which are essential for any facility’s safe operation, at the Muscat International Airport. The company includes the ability to provide competent manpower in large volumes even at short notice and to share knowledge of best practices from different domains of its operations throughout the Sultanate of Oman with the goal of uplifting service quality.

Busy travelers may not always notice cleaning teams working hard across the airport. However, no traveler can miss shining floors, hygienic washrooms, clean carpets and upholstery. Al Nab’a is behind the scenes at Muscat International Airport, working along with the airport management and the national carrier to offer travelers a unique and international airport experience

Some challenges

The high amount of traffic in airport terminals and annex complexes creates some unique cleaning challenges. “Airport cleaning staff has to deal with very large areas that see thousands of people to tonnes of passenger luggage and numerous catering trolleys that pass through each week,” says, Daniel Fernandez, Key Accounts Manager - Airport Operations, Al Nab’a Service. “Fussy, detailed cleaning can't be done on a daily basis, but certain tasks can't wait. Daily floor and continuous restroom maintenance of airports where the essence is quick cleaning in shorter amounts of time is achieved by a combination of efficient planning, trained manpower and the best of equipment. Behind the scenes, we work meticulously, during off peak hours, to provide world class standards,” he adds.

No part of the airport sees more action than the floor. Currently, Muscat International Airport handles approximately 10 million passengers. Passengers track in soil and dirt in all kinds of weather, and the high level of foot traffic means there is more dirt to be cleaned every single day. A combination of different techniques like mopping, stripping, waxing and buffing marble floors, hardwood floor polishing, crystallization, carpet shampooing, and steam treatment are some of the methods used to maintain the different type of floors.

Adding value

A 24*7 operating Help Desk provides service with a human touch, and a dashboard to schedule and monitor the cleaning, maintenance and inspection programmes, and this is just one of the tools that are utilized to offer the best airport experience. At Muscat International Airport, Al Nab’a Services LLC extends its support not only in airport experience but also towards the flight experience – cleanliness of the flights and baggage handling through express and layover cleaning.

An array of green cleaning products, which play the role of cleaning and disinfecting agents, equipment and competent specialist crew are employed to attain this feat within the shortest time possible. In the meanwhile, in the cargo bay our baggage handling teams offload and upload luggage in a systematic manner to ensure that luggage moves along with the passengers.

Employee focus

“We understand that a well-trained employee works approximately 50 per cent faster and is less likely to make mistakes than untrained co-workers,” says Daniel. This feat is achieved by the Al Nab’a Centre for Learning and Development, under the guidance of BICSc certified and trained assessors, who train the company’s brand ambassadors. The workforce is not only competent, but is also honest and has the zest to go beyond with a smile to help passengers.

Muscat International Airport project remains a testimonial of Al Nab’a Service’s commitment towards compliance of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements and also as a beacon of client and contractor partnership in enhancing the standards. Reporting valuable information, analyzing and generating real time solutions and services has been the backbone in maximizing efficiency and improving user experience and satisfaction.

Sustainability, being an important requirement in the current global scenario, enables the company to provide non-traditional solutions like activated water cleaning, eco-friendly versions of chemicals, bio-degradable garbage bags, reduction of waste landfills, etc. The Integrated Facility management approach aligns with the company’s tag line of a one-stop-solution, by providing technical services, cleaning & housekeeping services, specialized cleaning services, pest control services, waste management services, gardening and landscaping services under one roof.

With the new airport, aiming to be amongst the world’s 20 best airports, the service provider needs to be a utopian. Al Nab’a Services LLC, as always, is geared up to provide a mesmerizing Omani experience at par with international standards.