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Diversey’s Clean and Ready Program


The hygiene program is all set to offer opportunity in a time of crisis.


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September 15, 2020
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Diversey’s Clean and Ready Program

Phil Wieland, CEO of Diversey

Diversey - the leading global hygiene and cleaning company – has announced the launch of its new Clean and Ready Program. The Program is designed to respond to the new era of cleanliness, as facilities worldwide begin the process of reopening following the pandemic. Diversey’s Clean and Ready Program will be launched globally across the full range of sectors in which Diversey operates, including: Hospitality, Food Service, Education, Offices - specifically targeting Building Service Contractors (BSCs) - and in Retail environments.

Facing a critical moment

The new Program is designed to address a critical moment where, combined with the financial implications of the pandemic, any failure to minimize the risks caused by COVID-19 could have major repercussions. These range from potential loss of business, negative brand publicity, reductions in workforce efficiency; and even loss of life in extreme cases.

Diversey has identified an opportunity with its Clean and Ready Program to minimize the impact of the COVID crisis: to reassure visitors and guests, train staff and rebuild trust, by offering safer environments for all.

Making a visible commitment

The CEO of Diversey, Phil Wieland states: “Post-Covid 19 companies have to respond to a new awareness of the value of clean. There is now an urgent need to convey a visible commitment to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This means satisfying raised expectations for safer and healthier hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and retail environments. Our new Clean and Ready Program offers a demonstrable way to drive and restore trust. It enables businesses to communicate their enhanced hygiene measures in a fast and easy way to ensure the confidence of staff, guests, visitors and students alike.”

A protective shield that embraces confidence and trust

Businesses who match Diversey’s stringent Program requirements are allowed to display the Clean and Ready Shield. It is awarded to those facilities whose staff have properly implemented and are committed to upholding the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness and disinfection. Once enrolled as a member of the Clean and Ready Program, businesses will undergo periodic audits that deliver a thorough and all-encompassing independent verification that they are continuing to maintain the highest level of cleaning and disinfection.

Diversey’s Clean and Ready program structure 

The expert complementary services provided include state-of-the-art enhanced cleaning and disinfection solutions and protocols.

The program incorporates:

  • Portfolio Diversey – with hospital grade disinfection from Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) technology
  • Enhanced cleaning on site – the provision of reopening protocols
  • A range of support materials in place – such as reopening wall charts and check lists
  • Trained Diversey staff - access to Diversey’s Hygiene Academy for webinars, online training, F2F by sales

Harnessing Diversey’s global hygiene expertise

The Clean and Ready Program combines the acknowledged global expertise of Diversey and Diversey Consulting to provide a unique end-to-end solution. It certifies/verifies participating establishments in three key areas: Hygiene Protocols, Food Safety and Covid Safety.

Delivering the advantages of AHP technology

Diversey’s Hygiene guidelines are designed to help minimize the risk for guests and workers and provide the tools facilities need to be successful. This includes working with businesses to develop, train, and verify Diversey’s two-step cleaning and disinfection processes. This enables facilities to maintain the highest standards of disinfection through the use of Diversey’s patented AHP technology, which delivers hospital grade disinfection for a shorter contact time to inactivate and kill the virus. AHP is far more efficient than the existing slower Quats-based (quaternary ammonium compounds) products, or those formulated on Hypochlorite or Peracetic acid.

Providing innovative food safety services and advice

The professionals on the Diversey Consulting team specialize in Risk Management to ensure effective Food Safety and Outbreak Preparation. Their expertise helps businesses keep up with the ever-changing landscape, as the services are continuously being updated with new legislative input, recommendations and insights from the scientific world.

This help is supported by the Diversey Hygiene Academy - a cloud-based e-learning training system - which enables customers to integrate Diversey’s best-in-class knowledge into their operations as an essential step in keeping staff safe, minimizing risks to food safety and safeguarding their brand.  Diversey’s global team of trainers develops, manages and helps implement the best solutions for all the sectors in which Diversey operates, revealing a deep understanding of all the hygiene challenges that customers face.

The Diversey Hygiene Academy is a crucial part of the Diversey Shield offer. However, the online training can also provide standalone value, enabling customers if they wish to integrate the expertise into creating their own branded shields.

Implementing a flexible COVID-19 program

The COVID-19 operational support program has been developed to help businesses prepare and adapt to the ongoing circumstances, and to ensure compliance with the local health authorities and government policies. So, whether it be for a re-opening or for an already functional business, this program puts a special focus on people’s behaviours. The objective is to protect staff and customers by limiting the possibilities of the spread of infection.

A source of pride and a clear indication of commitment

Diversey is experienced at delivering hygiene to the most exacting standards, from healthcare environments to pharmaceutical clean rooms. Customers can be assured that the program has a long-term focus, with protection that is linked directly to experience, and a more sustainable approach.

Phil Wieland concludes: “The Diversey Shield will be a lighthouse for anyone looking for safety. Our partners will be able to provide the most sought after user experience - which is trust and peace of mind. Our partners will regain business sustainability - a well-deserved return for their tireless efforts and meticulous hygiene practices – and can look forward to the opportunity to build a successful and more resilient business in these exceptionally difficult times.”


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