As the saying goes: ‘The bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity for growth’. The last few months the world at large has witnessed what some people say is a ‘once in a 100 years’ experience. As hard as the challenge was the world also witnessed the appreciation for not only the heroes of health but also the protectors of our facilities and community at large.

Hygiene took center stage and the industry certainly put up a brave front and set the standards for hygiene & cleanliness both within and around the communities.

With the Government currently at Stage 1 of reopening the easing the rules of the lockdown it is important to reflect upon the lessons one learnt from the pandemic. Over the next two months, CM today will shed light on the various lessons one learnt during the pandemic, opportunities that were discovered and how those will help bring in better best practices for the ‘Community’ at large.




    May 2020

  • Comeback Strategy: Stage 1 of Reopening. Are We Ready for the Next Phase?

    This panel discussion will face the hard facts about the impact the COVID 19 has had on the industry at large and how ready are we for the next phase.

Jeevan J D’Mello CEO,
Zenesis Corp
Kannagaraj Director - Owners Affairs,
Deyaar Community Management
Yunusa Aminu Facilities Management Consultant,
Gregory & Jones Consultants LLC
12 May 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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  • Securing your facilities with better standards

    While security guard service is being reduced in various areas and verticals, in other places security services are being viewed as more vital than before. Join us as we hear Adil Abdel-Hadi, the director of operations & development, SIRA address the impact the pandemic has had on the security market and other potential risks.

Adil Abdel-Hadi Director of Operations & Development,
Philip Ducker Head of Security,
19 May 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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  • Keys to a Healthy Partnership: Strengthening the Property Managers-Service Provider Relationship

    This panel discussion will talk about the relationship between the Property Manager & the Service Provider and the impact the pandemic has had on this.

Bader Yusuf Salmeen Facilities Management Director,
United Facilities Management Company
Garry Murray CEO & Founder,
Property Centro
Sameer Kulkarni Executive Director - Community Management
28 May 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    June 2020

  • Re-establishing ‘Happiness’ in Communities

    This Panel will look at the various initiatives community management/service providers have taken to keep the happiness in communities.

Alan Rowlands GM,
Three60 Communities
Samuel Joshua OA Ninja,
Community Management Enthusiast
16 June 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    Session Sponsor

  • Embracing Technology: How CAFM Solution helped combat the Pandemic?

    If there is one lesson that was learnt during COVID-19 then it has to be the role technology played in better service delivery. This presentation/Case Study will shed light on how the right use of CAFM system helps Property Managers/IFM companies combat COVID 19.

Eashak Ali Business Head,
Nanosoft Group
Vinoth Kannan Rajasekaran Head of Advanced Service Center,
Siemens LLC
30 June 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    July 2020

  • The Learning Continues: The role training & certifications play during the pandemic.

    The pandemic has brought out a lot of things and among them is the importance of training and the role it played during the lockdown. Post the ease of restrictions, it’s key to relook at the importance of standardization and certifications holds in the industry. Join this panel as we enter the new-era of training methods.

Stan Mitchell Chairman ISO TC 267 & CEO,
Key Facilities Management
Tommy Taylor Director, T. Taylor Solutions FBICSC,
CIMS Expert, ICE Expert
28 July 2020 3.30 PM (UAE TIME)

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    August 2020

  • Learning Continues: The role training & certifications play post pandemic

    A panel on the importance of education and the role training and certifications play post pandemic.


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  • Innovations at the time of COVID-19

    A presentation on the kind of best practices, innovations, methods of service delivery one witnessed during the time of COVID-19


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  • Emotional Impact: How can companies support their staff emotionally?

    A presentation on what organisations can do for their staff’s mental health, especially those who have been fighting the pandemic in the front of the line.


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