Treo: Adding up personalization and sustainability


We asked key industry stakeholders about deal breakers in choosing a cleaning supplier and the answers were unanimous - personalization and sustainability.


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April 27, 2023
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Treo: Adding up personalization and sustainability

Personalization - a competitive edge

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, standard cleaning solutions and equipment don’t work for everyone. Each facility has its unique challenges and unique requirements to overcome those challenges. This is where TREO has an edge over market competition.

TREO prides itself for impeccable quality and the best problem solving support to meet the needs of their customers. This is what makes them unique. They “smartly” mix applications from multiple disciplines and multiple products to create tailored-made solutions which strongly contribute to obtaining the best results possible. Take the case of Expo 2020, where there was a clear need to manually collect/manage the waste. TREO studied and personalized special carts, special bulk waste containers, special litter pickers that even today are widely used in the transformed EXPO CITY. It’s a team-work, which involves the customers, supplier and its network of providers and manufacturers.

Sustainability - the future

TREO rightfully believes that achieving a real green and sustainable approach to all our human activities is no longer an option: it is a target and TREO: ADDING UP PERSONALIZATION AND SUSTAINABILITY a goal to achieve, even in all our smallest daily actions.

This holds true especially for our Industry and the “profit organizations”. Sustainability, being a must-have should become every company’s “mission” and all its actions should be thought of in a “green” perspective (planned, budgeted and finally verified / measured accordingly).

At TREO, sustainability is “treated” like a new “marketing” project and as an important voice of the balance sheet (many companies are already measuring themselves with “green budgets” and activated campaigns of “social responsibility”, or “the best place to work”). In all these examples, sustainability and “green commitment” can play a primary role. Green technology is just a part of a bigger scope: GREEN and SUSTAINABLE LIVING.

TREO is proud to continuously introduce and carry some of the most important and innovative ITALIAN and EUROPEAN FIRMS in the Cleaning Machinery, Equipment and Cleaning / Sanitizing Technologies in the whole GCC PROFESSIONAL CLEANING MARKET. Their products are designed & manufactured to meet high quality standards & to withstand all the demands of their customers.

Keeping sustainability in mind, they cover all the ranges needed to maintain buildings, wide areas, malls, offices, mosques, industries, logistics, etc. indoor and outdoor power sweepers, scrubber driers, pressure washers, steam cleaners, industrial / professional vacuums, pure-water cleaning systems / reach & wash, janitorial items, consumables, chemicals, tools, waste management equipment, dust & odor suppression technologies, etc.