Product Review: DispenserONE® by SEKO


The year 2020 has certainly been a game-changer for the cleaning and hygiene industry.


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July 29, 2020
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Product Review: DispenserONE® by SEKO

The kind of innovations and solutions entering the market can leave one spoilt for choice. However, in today’s times it is so important for a built environment to provide that safe and secure surrounding for their users. So, there is definitely a lot that goes into picking the right kind of solution for the facility. One of the key solutions that most facilities have installed on their premises is hand sanitizer dispensers. However, not all of them address challenges one faces with dispensers - for instance, constant replenishment of sanitizer and batteries; constant monitoring of the dosages in large facilities and splashing of excess sanitizer just to name a few. 

Clean Middle East recently came upon an interesting hand-sanitizer dispenser that addresses all these challenges and is best suited for larger sites like airports, shopping malls, sports stadiums and supermarkets, where conventional dispensers need to be constantly refilled and rely on battery power to provide automatic dosing.  

The product in focus is DispenserONE® by SEKO. This new, high-capacity hand sanitizer dispenser comes with built-in remote connectivity and provides up to 25,000 doses of hand sanitizer (compared to 500 from a traditional 500 ml dispenser). Among the many unique features, one that stands out is the fact that operators can access statistics and product level and make dosage adjustments via smartphone!

Top Features

Huge capacity

DispenserONE® comes with a high-capacity tank, allowing up to 25 litres of sanitizer to be connected – that’s 25,000 doses on average, vastly reducing the replenishment rate and easing pressure on maintenance personnel.

Mains powered 

DispenserONE® has a connection to the main electricity, freeing the operator of their reliance on batteries. It guarantees continuous use and removes the environmental impact of battery disposal.

Peristaltic pump driven

The product is enabled with a peristaltic pump that is capable of single-shot fine adjustment of the nozzle and eliminates the harsh delivery of the sanitizer. Moreover, this feature is adjustable via Wi-Fi, and ensures ‘soft’ delivery of sanitizer, avoiding unwanted splashes and keeping users safe.

Touch-free technology 

DispenserONE® uses a technology that provides an automatic sensor-activated delivery. This technology ensures that users receive the correct quantity of sanitizer every time, ensuring proper hand sanitization while reducing the wastage associated with manually-operated units.

Remote access

This is a great feature for the operator. The product comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing operators to track usage, check the chemical level, view operational status, and schedule maintenance from anywhere via PC, laptop, or smart device.

DispenserONE® can be accessed from any location, meaning operators working from home can view data and make adjustments immediately and minimize costly unplanned downtime by identifying and correcting issues before they lead to system failure. And by monitoring usage data on demand, managers can also facilitate control of sanitizer stock and make informed decisions on the need for additional systems as foot traffic changes.

Why we love it!

The many unique features sure do make DispenserONE® stand out from the rest. But the reason this would seem like an obvious choice for larger facilities is the fact that it provides flexibility to the operator by not restricting them to a single product, so in the event of the existing sanitizer type becoming unavailable, an alternative can be connected without interruption to service.

DispenserONE®’s optional 17” screen allows operators to unlock additional revenue by selling advertising or running promotions, while the display can also be used for visitor information.

With its delivery nozzle located at a height suitable for children and wheelchair users and touch-free dispensing, DispenserONE® has been designed with every user in mind. This form of enhanced user experience that the product provides reassures the user that the building is a safe environment.

By vastly reducing the time spent by maintenance personnel, DispenserONE® enables running costs to be cut significantly and investment to be allocated elsewhere. And an added bonus is the fact that it enables the operator to eliminate the use of batteries and bring in a more sustainable approach.

There’s even the option to customize DispenserONE® with the colour and logo of your choice, helping to make it an integral part of your space and reinforce brand consistency across multiple sites. To top it all the product looks stylish and has a durable yet sleek metal enclosure that will suit a wide range of large facilities and at the same time add to the safety of the building in these pressing times.