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Exploring Green Technologies For A Cleaner World


Green technology is just a part of a bigger scope: GREEN and SUSTAINABLE LIVING


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January 10, 2022
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Exploring Green Technologies For A Cleaner World

A green (real green) and sustainable (real sustainable) approach to all our human activities is no more an option: it is a target and a goal to achieve, even in all our smallest daily actions.

Especially for the industry and “profit organizations”, this has to become a company’s “mission”: all the actions should be thought in a “green” perspective, planned, budgeted and finally verified / measured; in other words “treated” like a new “marketing” project and as an important voice of the balance sheet (many companies are already measuring themselves with “green budgets” and activated campaigns of “social responsibility”, or “the best place where to work”). In all these examples, sustainability and “green commitment” can play a primary role

Green technology: the need of the hour

Green technology is just a part of a bigger scope: GREEN and SUSTAINABLE LIVING.

Nowadays the technology has improved (and it’s still improving) at a rate of growth never seen before. But in many cases, its application is only “for a few”: or because the investments are too high to introduce that particular technology (and the return on investment is not so fast), or in many other cases because, as humans, any “new thing” is seen as a problem or as an additional effort we have to do, so better to maintain what the Latins call “STATUS QUO” (the current situation).

Again, a real green and a real sustainable approach to all our human activities is no more an option. And the technologies, as well as the knowledge of the techniques & methodology for using products and equipment, are of indispensable support to any kind of cleaning or sanitizing operation, where it becomes even more critical to not affect our planet and mother heart.

The climate changes are clear evidence that we ALL need to act now.

During the heavy lockdowns worldwide, it was really unexpected and amazing to see the nature incredibly flourishing again…Imagine if we all apply for a greener approach in our normal daily activities…

Educating the customer

FM world, I feel there are 4 levels of knowledge:

  • Top management – absolutely aware
  • Middle management – greatly aware
  • Site supervisors – enough aware
  • End users - very low aware and, in many cases, not interested.

 The real change will happen when the final customers (meaning the FM Companies’ customers) will improve their contracts structures & the KPIs, passing from a “pure numeric” measurement (number of employees, how many times/day to empty a waste bin, etc) to an “efficiency” measurement, where the clients demand getting things done according to “green” protocols and despite the equipment VS the manpower used.

This will be the “new job” of machinery and equipment providers: to make the final client deeply aware about green technologies and techniques. And when we (as providers) will be able to show that a greener approach is also a money-saving approach, then the game is won.

Green technologies by Treo

Talking about technologies, Treo has been promoting the following green technologies to help making the world a greener and cleaner place.

  • High class filtering systems with antibacterial cloths (sweepers and vacuums): when using the machines the filtering system will release a clean air, a small contribute to the air-quality which is one of the main “ ways of transmissions” of illnesses and viruses (dirty air and humid air have an higher capacity to “transport” pathogens on a longer distance).
  • Intensive use of BATTERY OPERATED MACHINES, to reduce the carbon foot-print and driving the machinery use more and more to a “ZEROEMISSION” target.
  • HELPING HAND®: complete manual waste collection system composed by:
  1. Trolleys
  2. Bag openers
  3. Innovative litter‐pickers

With an increased +143% collection capacity/every operative using our tools system (2.5 times more efficiency) and the possibility to segregate / separate the materials at the initial stage of their collection (eg. cans, plastic bottles, paper, general waste). The most successful example of it are the specifically designed collection systems for EXPO 2020, 100% in line with the segregation flows by Dulsco and enthusiastically introduced initially by FARNEK and immediately after by EMRILL

  • PURE WATER & CHEMICAL FREE WINDOW AND SOLAR PANELS CLEANING complete systems producing & using pure water (no chemicals), through special filters and reverse-osmosis technology; for: Outdoor windows / faca des / Solar panels cleaning up to 20 mtrs height; Indoor window cleaning up to 9 mtrs / h
  • Dosing systems and the “ECOSYSTEM” (introduced in Treo’s scrubber dryer and having a great impact on the correct chemicals usage and, as a consequence, on a less contaminated environment). The ECOsystem® makes it possible to recover and reuse cleaning solutions. Cost and consumption of detergent, water and labour drop sharply, while productivity and environmental impact improve. Reuse of the wastewater up to 5 times, reduce the chemical use of 66% from the second cycle on, save almost 40% of the operations’ time. Just a short scheme: - Yearly time saved: from 65 hours for a walk behind up to 1775 hours for a big ride on - Yearly water saved: from 12,000 liters for a walk behind up to 635,000 liters for a big ride on - Yearly chemical saved: from 35 ltrs for a walk behind up to 850 liters for a big ride on.
  • ENOZO aqueous ozone water (ISSA PULIRE product of the year 2021). Transforming simple tap water into a powerful / safe / food-contact sanitizer + cleaner + light degreaser. FDA-Gras / Green Seal / Food Code / USDA organic approvals; active also on Covid19, Staphiloc., Salmonella, E.Coli, etc.
  • BIOVITAE continuous non harmful / UVC-free LED lighting sanitization technology; the only system to sanitize with human presence (MIDDLE EAST CLEANING HYGIENE AND FACILITIES product of the year 2021). A microbicidal action able to kill bacteria and viruses (COVID-19 efficient) through a natural white light, safe for humans and animals. Immense the fields of application: residential, offices, food-preparation areas, hospitals/clinics, public areas, public transportation (successfully tested on trains, buses, stations, etc)

And talking about techniques:

  • TOUCH‐FREE SYSTEM An approach and a series of techniques with the target of:
  • Minimizing the possible cross‐ contamination due to wrong workflow and habits
  • Increase the safety avoiding the contact between the workers and the chemical agents
  • No release of dirt
  • Water and detergents saving (up to 93% less consumption)
  • Time saving (up to 40% less time)
  • All of these involving proper use protocols of MACHINES, EQUIPMENT and JANITOR TROLLEYS and CLEANING EQUIPMENT

Future plans to take green cleaning to the next level

Apart improving what before mentioned which is already a strong mission, Treo aims for the following:

  • MATERIALS RECYCLING and REUSE (we are starting a new project which will be unveiled by January 2022)
  • GREEN and GREENER CHEMICALS, with a reduced (or even ZERO) impact on the environment; this approach will be applied not only to the product itself, but even to the production methodologies as well as on the packaging, giving as much as we can a 360° greener solution
  • AUTOMATION: a real automation, meaning you don’t need to have any employee assisting a “socalled” robotic scrubber drier or robotic sweeping machine (to clean it, recharge it, emptying and refilling, etc.) We believe that AUTONOMOUS has to be REALLY AUTONOMOUS.

Are green cleaning technologies as or more effective as traditional cleaning technologies?

 Yes, without effectiveness and a “cost return” versus “traditional methods”, any innovation can be successful.