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Sky Pro Reaching New Heights of Facade Cleaning


Sky Pro’s ground breaking solution removes the risk factor from facade cleaning forever


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June 6, 2022
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Sky Pro Reaching New Heights of Facade Cleaning

The global façade sector is at its busiest in the Middle East. The region is full of glittering skyscrapers that attract both tourism and revenue. However, what a common man does not see is the kind of time and effort required to maintain these jewels.

For a business owner or FM professionals, the building is a physical representation of the company. Buildings are growing taller and becoming more valuable as the years go by. However, when you have a poorly maintained building, it says a lot about how you manage your company and may also create issues with your business as well. One of the most important types of maintenance work your building needs is facade cleaning.

Facade cleaning these days includes much more than basic cleaning. It ensures the availability, safety, and reliability of the owner’s assets, and the sustainability of their business operations. For example, facade inspections with drones are successfully replacing traditional methods, which eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional methods and provide comprehensive results in a short amount of time. Then again, automated facade cleaning solutions eliminate are being introduced across the globe. They remove the risk factor, improve efficiency and would be ideal for the Middle East, considering the harsh climatic conditions workers have to operate in. The last 10 years have witnessed a complete overhaul of facade cleaning methods and technologies. The market for façade cleaning has shifted from the traditional BMU / cradle system to abseiling to automated solutions due to both CAPEX and OPEX savings. Many large developers have witnessed the benefits of using automated solutions for facade cleaning, especially with the time factor involved in every cycle, and have completely abandoned their existing systems.

The challenges in the Middle East

Unlike popular notion, the problem is that facade cleaning experts face in the Middle East is not the increasing number of skyscrapers. The real problems are different.

Firstly, the design of these buildings most of the new developments does not actually consider the cleaning aspect when designing their buildings. They are more concerned with the aesthetic appearance rather than the functionality, and this needs to be addressed in the design phase.

The second big challenge which often stands dismissed is privacy. This holds true, especially for residential buildings. One more challenge is convincing the market that façade cleaning is a method of preventive maintenance. It should form an integral part of the maintenance program and provides building integrity, safety and long-term cost-saving. While the method is accurate, less time-consuming costreducing, and increases safety and overall efficiency, it is often seen as a cost that is not incorporated into the maintenance cost of the asset.

Another important challenge is the risk factor. The workers work under tough weather conditions while cleaning facades, especially during summer. There is a clear risk to their health and safety when cleaning the facades of skyscrapers. Working at height particularly on high rise buildings, particularly while External façades & Canopies Cleaning with BMU is always very risky. The interiors are not a problem as there are no access issues. On the outside, however, the situation is completely different, as climbing out there to clean the glass is dangerous if not entirely impossible. This is why only authorized companies can perform rope access or abseil window cleaning. This method implies huge risks, so all professional cleaners who work have to make sure they respect all safety measures and regulations.

What if we could eliminate this risk forever?

Sky Pro decided to provide a groundbreaking solution that could remove the risk factor from facade cleaning forever and bring more efficiency to the process. They banked upon automation to achieve this. The vision of Sky Pro was simple - to change the way the world thinks about window and facade cleaning.

This automation makes Sky Pro the perfect window and facade cleaning solution for building owners, building management companies, commercial window cleaning companies, engineers, and architects!

For Sky Pro, window and facade cleaning is very important. It's a necessity for their business. They believe buildings need to be cleaned at least a couple of times per year because a clean building is the first impression clients receive about a company.

Sky Pro realized that there are still many window and facade cleaning companies that clean manually. It then helped these companies to evolve through their technologies. Sky Pro cleaning systems have been evolving for several years. In fact, Sky Pro now has 6 models. It also offers building cleaning systems into new construction.

Key features of Sky Pro facade cleaning technologies

  • Safe alternative to manual window cleaning, no need for chemicals
  • Solution for staff shortages
  • Ensures privacy - no window cleaners invading your private space
  • No accidents
  • Spares the effort of informing customers that window cleaners are coming since the machine does the cleaning.
  • The cleaning systems use a variable speed winch to speed up or slow down the cleaning process depending on how dirty a building is. The machine can travel up to 11 meters per minute. Brushes are from 40 inches to 14 ft.

Exploring the benefits in the Middle East region

Thinking of using SkyPro in the Middle East? There is more than one reason to go for it.

  1. The cleaning systems can work any hour whereas window cleaners cannot because of the heat
  2. In this climate, buildings need to be cleaned more times per year due to dust.
  3. Since a machine does everything, there is greater efficiency and no scope for human error.

Is Sky Pro safe?

Sky Pro is not just safe, it is one of the safest technologies in window and facade cleaning. The cleaning systems remove the need for humans to hang off the side of buildings. Safety is an attractive feature of Sky Pro machines since it significantly reduces the risk of a window cleaning accident on their property.

The safety feature is what clients are looking for left, right and centre. In the past few years, the client requirements in facade cleaning have tilted towards safety and automated technology versus manual window cleaning. The squeegee for manual window cleaning has been around for over 100 years and this is one of the only technologies that hasn't changed. Automation is the key to the future. Building maintenance continues to turn more and more to automation.

Moreover, it is not just the safety feature that Sky Pro boasts of. It helps clients overcome a multitude of challenges. It helps clients figure out cleaning solutions for difficult buildings. Sky Pro has the standard systems but also provides custom machines for buildings that are more unique.

When it comes to training, Sky Pro has easily accessible training videos, in-person training in Minnesota and training at the customer's site for an additional fee. This is literally the easiest implementation of technology in the specialized cleaning sector.

How are Sky Pro cleaning systems different from other facade cleaning technologies in the market?

Sky Pro cleaning systems use RO/DI water filtration systems eliminating the need for chemicals. They also have 6 machines to fit a variety of customer needs.

Sky Pro offers an the following additional benefits:

Proven car wash technology adapted and patented for cleaning building facades

  • Automated, durable, appropriately-designed technology without overly complex, potentially water-sensitive robotics and systems, or suction cups that could fail
  • Strong portfolio of U.S. and international patents
  • A variety of models that address different customer and building needs
  • Simple setup in a matter of hours, not days
  • Little competition, and less expensive than competitors’ systems
  • Field tested and proven

Sky Pro systems clean not only the windows but the entire building.

Exploring the efficiency aspect of Sky Pro

 Sky Pro cleaning systems are very efficient. In fact, in many cases, Sky Pro systems are about 10 times faster than manual window cleaning. Again, the cleaning systems clean the entire building not just the windows like manual window cleaning. The RO/DI water filtration system allows the windows to dry streak-free providing longer-lasting clean windows.

Why facade and window cleaning companies should switch to Sky Pro

Multiple drivers support industry transformation to embrace the Company’s technology:

Labor shortages and labour cost savings

  • Operating cost savings, including potential insurance premium reductions
  • Productivity increases (30,000 square feet per hour reduces a typical 8 hour day of manual/scaffold cleaning work to just 20 minutes)
  • Environmentally friendly de-ionized water versus chemicals
  • Privacy (workers not looking into windows)
  • Safety-remote operation from the roof or ground means workers don’t need to go over the edge of the building
  • The insurance industry and regulatory pressures

In addition to this, automated technology results in significant advantages:

  • Reduces risk for human lives via safe operation with remote control from rooftop or ground
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Brush or touchless technology
  • Cleaning with DI/RO filtered water – no chemicals required
  • Use of dust brushes is possible
  • Cleans up to 70% faster, with 70-80% labour cost savings, generating fast ROI
  • Cleans up to 60,000 square feet per day
  • Cleans windows, frames and building exteriors
  • Windows stay cleaner longer

The market for the Company’s products is essentially any building that is taller than ‘ladder height.’ In the U.S., this includes 4.6 million buildings over three stories tall, and over 19,000 of these buildings are over 12 stories tall. The Company estimates that over $4.7 billion is spent annually on cleaning windows and exteriors. The Company has estimated that its products will reduce the cost of washing buildings by 75% or more, creating a significant incentive for customers to purchase its products. The Company’s customers include building owners, property management firms, and window cleaning service companies. Sky Pro machines have been sold in over 30 countries.

The cleaning technology behind Sky Pro machines is very similar to carwash technology. The water used during operation runs through a commercially available water deionization system removing minerals and other matter from the water and resulting in spotfree windows without the need to manually dry the windows. The fans on the cleaning systems hold the machines against the buildings. The Company is also working on equipping its machines with microfiber brushes to “dust” buildings in the Middle East without consuming limited water resources.

With so many benefits and advantages linked to it, Sky Pro is worth implementing for your facade and window cleaning operations. Sky Pro is also looking for business partners and investors in the Middle East to take their technologies to new soaring heights!