Ecokleen provides a complete hygiene system with Inspection Light
Ecokleen provides a complete hygiene system with Inspection Light
The popular television series, CSI utilizes Black Light technology to identify biological materials in the context of crime scene investigations. Now this same cutting edge technology is available for professional sanitation use. Using the correct type of ultraviolet light technology, professionals can locate biological substances left behind by ineffective cleaning, including the growth media for bacteria and other potentially dangerous microorganisms.
Bio-Pro Research, an American manufacturer of professional cleaning products, has developed a new Inspection Light using revolutionary LED ultraviolet technology to complement its current range of Ecokleen and Urine Off cleaning products. Specially calibrated to detect biological substances such as urine, and other body fluids, the new special wavelength LED inspection light was in development for over one year and features highly improved fluorescence and detection capabilities. The new LED Inspection Light is designed to be damage resistant and features a custom constructed lens to maximize UV light transmission rates while minimizing UV degradation.
Black Light or ultraviolet light technology is portable, inexpensive, simple to use, and is an excellent tool for detecting unsanitary conditions in patients’ rooms, bathrooms, and throughout medical facilities. Use of Black Light technology saves time and money and ensures improved hygienic conditions, especially critical in healthcare settings where the potential exists for patients with compromised immune systems to be easily infected.
“With its experience in black light technology, Bio-Pro Research developed the light to detect urine by targeting a very narrow range within the ultraviolet spectrum. Common black lights are broad spectrum and do not do not fluoresce urine and body fluids nearly as distinctly,” states Advait Kotecha, General Manager, Aseem Trading – exclusive distributor for Bio-Pro Research’s products for the Middle East.
The light was designed to be used in conjunction with Ecokleen cleaning products to create a complete system of hygiene. Ecokleen uses specialized enzymes and bacteria to eat organic stains such as vomit, urine, blood, sweat, red wine and coffee among others. This green technology completely eliminates the stain and odour from the source and helps prolong the life of assets.
Body fluids, such as urine, can be a source of infectious diseases, even on surfaces that appear to be clean. Typical cleaners lack effectiveness in destroying dried uric acid crystals that bind protein, a growth medium for germs. Virtually insoluble, uric acid crystals remain on surfaces and can be re-activated with moisture, releasing unpleasant odors. Using the new LED Inspection Lights, urine can be identified then eradicated with Ecokleen products, leaving a clean, fresh smelling environment.
The system is simple and verifiably effective and entails the following process:
Find it: Bio-Pro Research has developed both small and large LED inspection lights that are specifically engineered to fluoresce certain organic compounds. Black Light technology is an easy, fast, and comprehensive environmental surface cleaning and inspection tool.
Clean It: Proper hygiene starts with achieving a clean, soil-free surface. Ecokleen works by eliminating urine, body fluids, organics, and the proteins found in body fluids which are the growth medium for dangerous diseases and microorganisms.
Inspect it: With the Urine Finder Inspection lights, housekeepers and supervisors can inspect the newly cleaned area and look for traces of urine, body fluids and other substances that are not visible to the naked eye that may have been missed. The complete hygiene system allows the supervisor to observe - clean that can be seen.

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