Product Update: Airgenic


Here’s a look at how Airgenic - a leading indoor air purification solution - uses oxygen to purify and disinfect air…


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February 15, 2021
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Product Update: Airgenic

Airgenic is one of the world’s leading companies in oxygen-activating air purification and air disinfection systems. Its products are based on principles discovered almost a 100 years ago. The aim and the result achieved include remarkable reductions in the microbial count in indoor air and surfaces, thus reducing cross contamination and improving health.

Airgenic products reduce or remove microbes, VOCs, odors, and create cleaner air and a better indoor climate for innumerable customers in a wide range of industries. With more than 30 years of intense R&D, Airgenic products achieve unmatched results in creating fresh, natural, indoor air.

It achieves the following:

  1. Reduces or removes bacteria on continuous basis, viruses, germs and fungi by 80-100%
  2. Removes particles from the air and reduces airborne spread of microbials.
  3. Neutralizes or destroys unpleasant smells and gases
  4. Removes dust and pollen
  5. Reactivates natural energy in air by activating oxygen.


Airgenic prompts and sells Activated Oxygen equipment, which generates activated oxygen that cleanse the air and air-exposed surfaces. The models can be mounted in existing ventilation ducts or simply placed on the floor. These include DX1800, CX2500, MX500.

Typical application areas and customers include:

  1. Closed rooms like salons, factories etc where exhaust gases should be at a minimum
  2. Areas like hotels, gyms, homes, requiring removal of cigarettes smoke and or organic odor’s.
  3. All producers of food like bakeries, meat processing, etc. where total bacteria and mold needs to be low
  4. Refrigerated rooms that have long-term storage of perishable items
  5. Refrigerated rooms that have short-term storage of perishable items
  6. General improved air quality in indoor spaces

Want to know more?

Leo International is the exclusive distributor of Airgenic products. They can be contacted on:


Phone: +9714 347 9696

Mobile: +971 50 651 3319 / 050 716 6706

Qatar: +974 6011 878

Or visit for more information.



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