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Girish Menon, Assistant, Executive Housekeeper, Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park, Qatar


The Housekeepers Power List 2023


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November 1, 2023
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Girish Menon, Assistant, Executive Housekeeper, Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park, Qatar

Your impact on housekeeping

I’ve dedicated my capacity, knowledge and a decade-long (and counting) career to try and transform Housekeeping to an “anxiety-free” and “rewarding & fulfilling” function with the company I work for. And I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough to get coached, guided and supported by leaders within and outside the organisation, in doing so. 

The challenges you faced in your housekeeping career
Leading and striking a balance between Perfection and Soft-Skills, has always and continues to challenge my imagination. Having an innate-urge to deliver picture-perfect guest spaces and a muscle-memory to make seamless-comfortable beds; along with genuine-welcoming smiles through-out, may not be a cup-of-tea for all!  

Finding, training, retaining and motivating the right calibre;is what I categorically trained myself to overcome it. 

Your advice to fellow housekeeping professionals 

With Artificial Intelligence taking over most industries, take pride in what you do and get to do, daily. Inspiring others to create and maintain a safe haven – hygienically, aesthetically and skillfully is an art and you all are the artists! The Internet today may have answers for how to clean stains or surfaces, how to choose fabrics for furniture and curtains, how to select uniforms, how to budget, how to hire right, how to train, how to troubleshoot laundry operations or how to manage horticulture and floral operations. But bringing Hospitality and Humanity to above range is on you. 

So take a Bow and stay graceful!