Volunteers clean up trash for Dubai campaign
Date: 20-01-2019

Close to 450 volunteers from the Al Bohra Islamic Community took part in the Clean Up the World 2018 campaign held recently by Dubai Municipality. Community members were divided into three areas in Jebel Ali, Ayil Nasir in Deira, and in Al Nahda in Dubai to clean up trash in the streets and spread awareness about keeping the streets clean and the environment free from plastic under the slogan: Beat Plastic Pollution.

Shabbir Abbas, Managing Board Member at the Al Bohra Islamic Community, said they were able to collect up to 120 bags of trash in a one-kilometre radius within the areas assigned for them to clean. “We cleaned the streets and picked-up the garbage. But most importantly, we carried the message of keeping clean neighbourhoods for a happier and healthier society,” Abbas told Gulf News. The Clean Up the World Campaign of Dubai Municipality is now in its 25th edition. The Al Bohra Islamic Community has been taking part for the past 12 years and was recognised for its contribution. Scores of other volunteers from different government entities and private sector also joined hands in removing trash in the streets, and other sandy areas. 

Source: Gulf News

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