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Tadbeer centres to recruit domestic workers
Date: 13-11-2017

New centres called Tadbeer will replace domestic worker recruitment agencies by the end of the year, the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced recently. Saqr Ghobash said this decision was taken as the services provided by current recruitment agencies often do not meet the needs of both the domestic worker and the employer. “These new centres will drive a big change. We hope to have better services with the same prices in the market,” Ghobash said. Tadbeer centres will guarantee proper visa, orientation and training for the workers. Private companies are being invited to submit proposals to operate the centres, whose services will be mandated and regulated by the ministry.

Ghobash warned current recruitment centres to improve their services to the ministry’s desired standards, or it would be hard for them to stay in business. “We are not happy with the level of services [in recruitment centres]. It’s not acceptable,” Ghobash said. “After launching Tadbeer, we will not allow anyone to provide such services unless it is through Tadbeer centres.”
Services provided by Tadbeer centres will include conducting pre-arrival interviews with domestic workers to ensure that they understand their contractual rights, providing training and education to new workers, resolving disputes between workers and employers, and checking on worker accommodation.
“Tadbeer centres will set a new standard for the provision of services to domestic helpers, enabling access to better information and training, and ensuring that working conditions and accommodation are appropriate,” Ghobash said,
adding that the ministry will license operators according to their capacity to “meet our high standards and ensure customers’ happiness.”
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