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UAE doctors warn against overuse of cleaning products
Date: 10-10-2017

A local newspaper stated that doctors in the UAE are urging ‘cleanliness freaks’ to be aware of the over usage of common household cleaning products, including methanol and ethanol, as exposure to the chemicals can have devastating and lifelong results. Although the main causes of Parkinson's Disease (PD) and Parkinsonism are often unknown, or inherited, there are staggering cases of the disease, which have been found to be linked to heavy exposure to toxins and cleaning products. There is a deficiency in dopamine when one suffers from PD. This creates movement disorder and the causes have been linked to various factors, including the intake of toxins and drugs. Exposure to solvents, which is often used for consumer and industrial uses, has also been linked to PD and Parkinsonism.

Solvents are often found in vapour degreasing of metal parts, dry-cleaning solutions, carpet cleaners, paint removers/strippers, paints, extraction solvent for waxes and oils, as well as spot removers. He noted that certain common metals, are also suggested to be silent killers, including carbon monoxide and carbon disulfide, which can be found in industrial waste, oil plants and heavy metal plants. Exposure to these can also produce PD in the long term. As little as one to two years of exposure to chemicals can lead to signs of PD. Those working in danger zones have to be medically screened every one-two years for toxicity and any symptoms or features of PD.

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