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Construction firms told to keep areas near work sites clean, spillage-free
Date: 09-10-2017

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has warned construction firms against spilling concrete on roads near construction sites and dirtying the surrounding environment. During an awareness workshop on occupational safety and health in the construction sector, attended by contractors, consultancy offices and ready-mix concrete companies, municipal officials told construction firms about the need to clean the asphalt and sidewalks adjacent to worksites, build paved entrances, prevent concrete from falling onto roads, and secure the movement of machinery on sites.

The municipality also called for providing vehicle and machinery washing stations at worksites and in particular, cleaning vehicle tyres before leaving sites. It highlighted the need for necessary equipment and means to remove concrete sediment and other waste using environmental-friendly methods, besides drafting a comprehensive emergency plan for the main roads and subsidiary roads and to prevent the spillage of materials or potential pollution, and protect public property.

During the workshop, municipality officials stressed the importance of the participation of those engaged in building and construction sector in boosting the municipality's safety efforts. This stems from the municipality's constant endeavour to showcase the civilised, aesthetic appearance of Abu Dhabi city and its environs. "Violators may incur a fine of Dh100,000 for damaging public assets and infrastructure, and Dh10,000 for failing to take the safety and security precautions that ensure the safety of pedestrian and neighbouring buildings during building and demolition works,' said a statement.


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