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Ajman Municipality urges building owners to pay for maintenance at its service centres
Date: 19-09-2017
As a part of upgrading its cleanliness privatisation programme, the Ajman Municipality has urged owners of buildings to
pay cleaning services fees at its customer service centre instead of paying directly to the cleaning companies. Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi, Director of Ajman Municipality, said this will help in facilitating cleaning services to the owners of buildings in various parts of the emirate and follow-up of cleaning work on a daily basis. "The municipality is working in full cooperation with specialised cleaning companies using the latest machines and advanced equipment in the field of waste management and recycling," he said. 
"The real-estate owners come almost daily to the customer service centres at the municipality to complete various services formalities. In terms of cleaning services, the municipality simplified procedures allowing the owners to pay cleaning fees to the municipality without the need to coordinate with cleaning companies."
He added that the private companies were able to carry out daily cleaning services in addition to waste management and pest control using the latest methods. "The municipality closely follows the daily collection of all types of waste and its transportation to the waste sorting plant or landfill as well as automated and manual sweeps of streets, parking lots, sidewalks," he noted.
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