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High demand for bioclimatic solutions for air conditioning and ventilation systems
Date: 03-08-2017

The bioclimatic GmbH air purification system principle yielded compelling results again at the Hanover Fair in 2017, with energy and cost-efficient air purification and sterilisation solutions stoking considerable international interest. The bipolar ionisation principle does not require chemicals or fragrances, thus accommodating contemporary user requirements on sustainability and costeffectiveness. Demand proved especially high for air conditioning and ventilation applications, such as the aerotron system for whole buildings showcased by bioclimatic.

“We saw an overwhelming response to our products; there’s already a lot of interest in our technology, and this has expanded in the international arena,” says bioclimatic GmbH Sales and Marketing Manager Carsten Feuerhake. Visitors to the company’s trade-fair booth in Lower Saxony were visibly impressed by the effectiveness as well as the energy and cost-cutting potential in the many discussions that took place there.

Bipolar ionisation takes advantage of the natural process of ionisation, working in a similar fashion to electrical discharges in a storm in cleaning air; the system is highly effective with low energy requirements. Positive and negative ionisation also significantly reduces harmful airborne bacteria, mould spores and pollen. Air duct pressure is maintained, greatly increasing efficiency.

Annual visual inspections and duct cleaning can be carried out by users, making servicing and maintenance easy and cost-effective.

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