The best toilet brushes


A look at new products aiming to reinvent the traditional toilet brush have emerged to the market.


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January 13, 2023
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The best toilet brushes

A toilet brush is an essential item to keep the toilet clean and hygienic. Do you know that there is a review on which is the best toilet brush?

Don’t we all have the challenge of getting the most ideal cleaning tool to keep our many toilets clean and sparkling?

Essentially, a toilet brush is a tool for cleaning a toilet bowl.

Generally, the toilet brush is used together with an effective toilet cleaner which removes limescale, sanitizes and leaves a fresh scent. The toilet brush can be used to clean the upper area of the toilet, around the bowl. However, it cannot be used to clean very far into the toilet's U-bend and should not be used to clean the toilet seat

A typical toilet brush consists of a hard bristled end, usually with a rounded shape and a long handle. Today toilet brushes are commonly made of plastic, but were originally made of wood with pig bristles or from the hair of horses, oxen, squirrels and badgers. The brush is typically stored in a holder, but in some cases completely hidden in a tube.

In recent years, there has been a general shift in design with a new emphasis on ergonomically designed brushes. Further design enhancements have included innovative holders that snap shut around the bristled end, thereby preventing the release of smells, germs and other unpleasantries. 

Further development of the traditional toilet brush focuses on the risk of germ incubation within the brush holder. A toilet brush has been patented which introduces a reservoir of anti-bacterial fluid, allowing the brush to be dipped and sanitized after each use. 

In recent years many new products aiming to reinvent the traditional toilet brush have emerged to the market.

  • The LooBlade is a toilet brush with an 8-blade silicone head and hydrophobic properties that sheds water and dries quickly. It is claimed to be able to kill 99.9% of germs during and after cleaning.

  • The Loogun is an alternative to the toilet brush. It's a pressure washer that sprays a powerful jet of clean water that washes away stubborn marks both above and below the water line. The device never touches the toilet, so the device stays hygienic and safe for children.

  • The Handi Sani is a self-cleaning toilet brush. It works by attaching the Handi Sani brush holder to the side of the tank with one small hose running into the tank to take advantage of clean water, and another hose running into the toilet bowl for proper draining. The brush is placed inside the Handi Sani so that when the toilet is flushed, the attachment fills up with clean water while simultaneously draining the dirty water into the toilet bowl. 

Whatever design you are opting for, one thing is sure; your toilet brush needs as much cleaning as the toilet bowl. People who return the brush into the holder without cleaning it are risking their health a big time. The tool and its holder will become another home to bacteria, making them worse than the toilet.

About the author:
Tatjana Ahmed is the Director of Housekeeping at Grand Hyatt, Dubai and Chairperson of the UAE Housekeeper’s Association.