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Climate change, the ever so big topic


There are many ways to advocate sustainability. It is now or never as consequences of global warming are catastrophic.


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November 22, 2022
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Climate change, the ever so big topic

The devastating effects of climate change need to be tackled; but we are lacking behind. While ambitions are high, the reality is that not much has been implemented. While every country around the world has pledged to combat climate change, the time for action now has come and needs to be accelerated. 

Measuring emissions in all sectors of our industries is one of the first steps to take. Putting a plan into action and following through is next. 

Sustainability is a team sport with no competition. As long as you keep on going, everyone will come out a winner. But of course, financing is a core theme. It is imperative that investors understand the matter and close the deals by financing the projects. 

How about the cleaning industry? How do we contribute to climate change, or shall we ask: How do we contribute to combat climate change? 

There are many ways to advocate sustainability. It is now or never as consequences of global warming are catastrophic. 

Here some tips:

  • Purchasing cleaning solutions only in concentrated form. Best in recycled containers with minimal packaging. This of course reduces shipping and packaging needs which in turn protect natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Look for local manufacturers, to further reduce shipping needs and costs. 
  • When purchasing paper supplies, opt for 100% recycled material. This reduces tons of CO2 emissions and water.  Wherever possible, go paperless. Going digital with all documents is a must. 
  • Use disinfectants sparingly, only when and where needed to help reduce the number of volatile organic compounds (VOC) entering the atmosphere. Consider using disinfectant alternatives, such as hydrogen peroxide, which is a mild antiseptic. 
  • Increase the use of cleaning equipment which works using engineered water. Engineered water is produced when ozonized or electrolyzed, turning it into an effective cleaner without chemicals.
  • Only buy from green and sustainability focused distributors. 
  • Keep yourself updated with what is trending in the market. There are so many new products out there, one will suit your needs and budget. 
  • Continuous training and education of your team is very important. They are the front-line staff and can have a major impact on the environment.  

About the author:

Tatjana Ahmed is the Director of housekeeping at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai and Chairperson of the UAE Housekeeper's Association.