Outbreaks of infectious diseases caused by harmful pathogens can be traced back centuries as the cause of significant morbidity and mortality amongst humans. The previous century saw two of medicine’s biggest achievements - the introduction of vaccines to prevent infections and the use of antibiotics to cure them. Preventing and curing infections remain key goals of medicine in providing optimal health to the people in the community. But, growing antibiotic resistance and community-acquired infections are on the rise. Hence, it’s important to take a closer look at these growing trends.

Hand hygiene is the most effective method for stopping the spread of germs that can cause cold and flu. Proper hand washing involves using soap and warm water, lathering hands and scrubbing them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. When soap and warm water are not available, using a hand sanitizer is an effective alternative.

Diversey’s personal care solutions support a wide variety of needs across multiple customer industries including hospitality, food service, health care, and retail. Gökhan Özdöl, Vice President, Professional Division, Diversey MEA, says, “Over 95 years, Diversey has pioneered cleaning and hygiene technologies that help protect and care for people every day. We believe cleaning and hygiene are life essentials and we’re pioneers of the future and creators of life via our products and services.”

The brand offers a wide range of hand care soaps and disinfectants. In addition to products for washrooms, the range includes special disinfecting formulations without perfume for food preparation areas and products for frequent use with added skin softeners. Alcohol-based hand-rub disinfectants such as Soft Care Des E H5 are available for high-risk areas and medical applications. This alcoholbased hand-rub is specially formulated for frequent use in demanding applications such as healthcare which also provides excellent protection against infections in any business. The product can be supplied for use in wallmounted soap dispensers including the awardwinning and patented IntelliCare dispensing system.

The role of hand hygiene

As the majority of pathogens transferred between people in a community environment are believed to occur through direct or indirect contact with contaminated hands or surfaces, proper hand hygiene is the key practice to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In healthcare settings, hand rubs are the preferred method of hand hygiene unless hands are visibly soiled because they are milder on the hands than hand washing, can be conveniently placed for employees at the point of care and are highly effective against a wide range of pathogens.

When considering how to reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant infections in the general public, it’s important to consider incorporating parts of the healthcare model of hand hygiene, including:

• Use of alcohol-based hand rubs unless hands are visibly soiled
• Convenient location, which facilitates higher usage in public/community facilities
• Communication tools such as wall charts and advertising banners to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and to advise on proper technique

Better hand hygiene cannot eliminate all infections, but because of the central role contaminated hands play in a large number of infections, better hand hygiene practices used broadly in society would help in reducing the risk of infections in general and for those that are antibiotic resistant as well.

Hand hygiene essentials

Too often, employees and patrons encounter hand hygiene dispensers that are out of product or don’t dispense properly. This discourages hand washing and can accelerate the spread of germs. To combat this issue, new, patented technology now allows for combining automated and manual features, resulting in hybrid units that facilitate always-available hand hygiene.

Furthermore, facilities should look for closed-loop dispensing systems (preventing product contamination) that can seamlessly convert from touch-free to manual mode in the event the batteries fail. Whether dispensers are placed in restrooms, kitchens or in high-traffic areas like hallways and cafeterias, such a system will ensure that people always have access to hand hygiene essentials. For instance Diversey’s IntelliCare, equipped with real-time alerts for content refills and battery replacement, promote hand hygiene compliance. Besides, in the most intensive applications, people who need to wash or disinfect their hands with the greatest frequency might need some help to maintain the condition of their skin. For this, Diversey offers Dermasoft Cream, a reconditioning and moisturising hand cream that is ideal for frequent use.

Handling contamination

Along with hand hygiene, the other significant factor in the spread of infections is touching contaminated surfaces. Some studies have suggested that in hotel rooms, for example, around 35 per cent of all surfaces can be infected if somebody with an illness has occupied the room. It, therefore, makes sense to focus on routine and daily cleaning tasks on the areas and surfaces that are likely to be touched the most often, such as light switches, door knobs, office equipment and furniture. Telephone handsets used to present a major risk of infection but perhaps that has reduced as they have disappeared from the workplace. However, there is no room for complacency, as according to some studies, around one-in-six mobile phones is contaminated with e-coli, a common cause of stomach infections. Another report suggested that the average mobile phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat.

The primary requirement for hard surface disinfection when aiming to prevent multiple infections is broad-spectrum performance. This means that the disinfectant is effective against a wide range of organisms. This is important because it is impossible to know which infections are present on any given surface. A disinfectant that protects against as many common infections as possible will therefore help keep cleaning processes simple and effective.

This is precisely the main benefit of Diversey Oxivir 1 Wipes. Its unique formulation contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) as its active disinfectant. It can be used frequently on almost any hard surface because it is non-corrosive, unlike comparable disinfectants containing chlorine. It is Woolsafe approved, which means it can also be used on fabrics, carpets and upholstery for general cleaning and to remove body spillages that often contain the organisms that cause illnesses.

The dual approach of effective hand hygiene and regular disinfection of frequent touch points will help prevent the introduction and spread of seasonal illnesses in the workplace and among guests and customers for businesses in the service sector. Prevention is always better than cure, which means it makes sense to stock up on simple but effective products that help introduce and maintain the highest standards of infection prevention - and learn how to use them - before the seasonal illnesses arrive.


“We’re tireless in our pursuit of effective, sustainable hygiene solutions and fully determined to deliver efficient cleaning technologies.” Gökhan Özdöl, Vice President - Professional Division, Diversey MEA, shares his thoughts with Clean Middle East on hand hygiene and Diversey’s role in promoting it …

What is Diversey’s approach towards cleaning and hygiene?

We believe cleaning and hygiene are life essentials, and we’re pioneers of the future and creators of life via our products and services. We’re tireless in our pursuit of effective, sustainable hygiene solutions and fully determined to deliver efficient cleaning technologies. We believe that our business is about people. So we put humans first whether he/she is a cleaner, employee or customer while providing our customers total confidence to enable their businesses to grow and thrive - today, tomorrow and forever. That’s why we say “Let’s live,” meaning that we are facilitators for life. For us life should be lived because Diversey will be there.

Internationally and regionally, a lot of work is being done in improving hand hygiene compliance. What is Diversey’s role in this?

For us, at Diversey, it’s more than just product claims and directions for use. It’s about making sure the right products are available when and where needed, that they are accessible and work for all skin types, protecting all critical hygiene moments. To address these moments no matter the situation, three key elements are considered for each solution and environment. These are Availability – keeping a check on the products in stock and available to use on a regular basis. Accessibility – making products accessible to everyone who needs them is a key factor. And the third one is Effective Infection Prevention and Safety for sensitive skin – be it a soap, moisturising cream or a hand sanitizer. Diversey products are carefully formulated and dermatologically tested to insure that their state-of-the-art infection prevention range are safe for everyone to use. The products are designed with pH values that nearly match the skin’s own or where moisturising occurs at the same time as eliminating undesired germs.

Give us elaborate information of your products and promotions in each sector pertaining to hand hygiene: infection control, housekeeping, F&B, food processing, schools, airports, etc.

Diversey offers a wide range of Soft Care hand soaps and disinfectants that can be used in all areas. People also pick up infections from contaminated surfaces and frequenttouch points such as door-knobs and light switches. These should all be cleaned frequently to eliminate the risk of infections spreading. Diversey’s all-new Oxivir 1 Wipes is a daily cleaner and disinfectant with broad-spectrum capability against a wide range of infections that can be ideally used for all-year-round protection. Its unique formulation contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP), which means it can be used as often as needed on a wider range of hard surfaces than products containing chlorine. Moreover any business or individual who wants the additional assurance of disinfection will need to use a specialist product such as Diversey Soft Care Des E H5, which is an alcohol-based hand rub formulated for frequent use in demanding applications such as health care. Also, Diversey offers Dermasoft Cream, a reconditioning and moisturising hand cream that is ideally suited for regular use.

Tell us about IntelliCare by Diversey?

IntelliCare is a new globally available professional hand care system that includes the industry’s first hybrid automatic hand care dispenser and allows for both touchless and manual activation. The versatile dispensing system is compatible with Diversey liquid/ gel, foam and cream products, and provides low content and battery alerts to help ensure dispensers are always full and functioning. It is a complete handcare solution that re-imagines the way hand hygiene is performed and managed, enabling businesses to protect every critical hygiene moment. The flexible and intelligent system is designed to prevent infection, improve productivity, and protect an organisation’s brand.

The dispenser seamlessly shifts from touchless to manual mode to deliver uninterrupted hand hygiene once battery power is depleted. Real-time alerts for content refills and battery replacement also promote hand hygiene compliance. Besides, the dispenser can be used with a variety of globally trusted hand care formulations, allowing facilities to customise product selection based on environment, site or user needs. The hand care system features tamper proof, collapsible bottles designed to prevent product contamination and empty completely to reduce waste.

Additionally, while translucent window and colour coded labels enables full product visibility, dose size switch button enables to lower consumption when needed from 1ml - 0.4ml. Collapsible and fully recyclable bottles were designed to align with Diversey’s sustainability commitment to focus on environmental responsibility.



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