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The Molok Deep Waste system:
Dated: 28-09-2009


Molok, the original Deep Waste Collection system, was developed in Finland 20 years ago, and today enjoys a strong reputation across Scandinavia - a part of the world, long known for its environmental leadership - as well as further a field in Europe and Canada, Australia, China and New Zealand.


Initially developed with hotel waste in mind, it has been particularly successful in this part of the world with hotels, and is used by discerning customers in Dubai and Oman, where top names such as the Al Bustan Palace, Intercontinetal Muscat, the Meridien / Westin Mina Seyahi Resorts, Dubai, the Barr Al Jissar Shangri-La managed resort south of Muscat and the Dubai Millennium Airport Hotel have all opted for the Molok system.


"It’s much more hygienic than traditional surface systems such as trolley bins" says Mike Staley, the general manager of Molok LLC, the Dubai-based GCC agents for the Molok System.

"The waste is kept outside the building for a start, and the oldest (nastiest ) waste is stored 2.7 m from the drop hole, covered with newer less odourous waste - the underground part of the Molok Bin is buried 1.5 m into the soil where temperatures are up to 15 degrees cooler, slowing bacterial growth substantially. The automatically closing lid is also something users enjoy, as it prevents the occurrence of vermin and cats around waste bins. "

The Molok system was introduced in Dubai at the beginning of 2002, and today is used across many different areas in the city, from Media City to the Jebel Ali Hotel, from Jumeirah Islands to China Town / the Dragon Mart, at the Ranches and even at an island on the World development.

"Wherever there is a need for solid waste storage and collection, Molok can offer the ideal solution" says Staley. "As compared to surface systems, we need only a fraction of the surface area to offer the same volume capacity as traditional bins - this allows more space for other things such as car parking or landscaping. Also because only 1.2 m is above the ground, there is much better visibility for everyone than around surface trolley bins, making it a safer system for urban developments.

"In public areas, because they are emptied with an extendable crane, Moloks can be placed up to 7 m from the edge of the curbside, whereas surface bins are generally in the road itself, creating eyesores as well as hazards to drivers and pedestrians.Ideally, we need to think about location early in the planning stages for new developments, so that there are no problems with underground service facilities in the planned Molok locations. We need to be able to bury our units 1.5 m under the ground, and the diameters of different sizes vary from 600 mm to 1.7 m. Having said that, many municipal authorities in Spain, France and Germany have all installed Moloks in the past few years across city areas which are hundreds of years old - when someone wants a Molok system, we can always find space somewhere without intruding underground services "

If you want to consider the Molok system, you can reach them on 04 340 0430, or check out the web site at



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