Danfo pioneering the drive for Multi Automatic Public Toilets in UAE
Dated: 10-09-2009

Danfo pioneering the drive for Multi Automatic Public Toilets in UAE 


After the successfully installing a series of Multi Automatic Public Toilets (MAPT) in Abu Dhabi, Danfo, a leader in the provision of automatic public toilets, has set its sights on Sharjah, in its drive for automatic public toilets in the UAE.

 The company is on the verge of installing these units through out Sharjah’s public areas, in lieu of the immense success and convenience that was realised as a result of the evaluation unit that was set up recently. 
The Multi APT

The Multi APT is a public toilet with one fully automatic self-cleaning toilet room, with built-in self-cleaning features that ensure that each visitor is met by a pleasant and spotlessly clean facility.

 Fully accessible to wheel-chair users and prams, the MAPT toilet room is equipped with baby changing and special needs’ facilities. Once a visitor has entered the toilet room, they can easily access usage spoken and written instructions, including Braille and icons, making the MAPT easily accessible to as many users as possible. Its interior is robust and fit for purpose, while the exterior can be adapted to suit any surrounding with a range of options of colour and material of the facade claddings.  

The unit has a self-cleaning and disinfection mechanism, which begins immediately a visitor has exited the facility. During the self-cleaning process, disinfectant agents are automatically dispersed through the room, while the toilet bowl, seat and the rotating floor are cleaned. 

 The toilet is equipped with safety features which include occupancy detectors, emergency lighting, fool-proof door operation and smoke and fire alarms linked to automatic door-opening. It also has an alarm button just in case the user needs any technical help. 


Designed with the aim of ensuring convenience, hygiene, Danfosafety and user friendliness; the MAPT comes with several features tailored to suit different environments.

The toilet comes with an enamelled steel wash basin provides the facilities for a full wash rather than just a hand rinse; and is particularly important for anyone using a colostomy bag. It can be accessible even while the user is still seated on the toilet. It has a tap with an infrared (touch-less) sensor that detects the user’s hands and triggers an automatic washing cycle; including soap, warm water and warm air for hand drying at the end of the cycle.  

The MAPT has a steel sliding door with an anti fly-posting finish, which opens automatically when a coin is inserted into the slot on the information panel. It is also equipped with lights which indicate the status of the facility, ie vacant, occupied, cleaning or closed. Use of the toilet is limited to 20 minutes, after which it automatically opens. The time spent in the toilet is shown on an LED display and clearly counts down in one-minute intervals, with verbal warnings issued after 18 minutes and 19 minutes.

This self-cleaning toilet consists of a fixed circular bowl connected to the sewer through a conventional water trap. The seat of the bowl rotates to enable it to be thoroughly washed, disinfected and dried after usage. Though this toilet can be manually flushed, it is always automatically flushed after the user has left.

The Danfo-patented floor consists of extruded aluminium ‘planks’ linked to form a tight, continuous belt that could be likened to a conveyor belt. This construction is exceptionally solid to permit the facility’s simple, innovative and effective cleaning process. During cleaning, the floor is rolled through a disinfectant cycle with brushes. A 175 mm high section of the wall unlocks and gets raised to allow litter to be removed, before a new clean dry floor emerges.

The MAPT is controlled by an internal, programmable controller. Using passwords and a secure authorisation system, maintenance staff can monitor the toilet functions at the site, or remotely via a dedicated telephone line. There is a battery backup supply for emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. Danfo service crews visit each MAPT every day to replenish the consumables and carry out a full cleaning regime.


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