Innovative and ecological cleaning power from Gregomatic
Dated: 03-01-2010

The entrepreneurial story of success of cleaning surfaces, floors, walls and ceilings began almost thirty years ago. In the 1980s inventor Gottfried Gremminger developed a high-performing yet structure preserving vacuum-washing process.

The companies Gregomatic AG in Hergiswil and the Grego AG in Oberbüren, both founded by Gottfried Gremminger were acquired in July 2008 by ABTell Wertschöpfungs AG headquartered in Cham. After the merger only Gregomatic AG in Cham remains as well as the production site in Oberbüren, where machines and components are being assembled. The new Gregomatic AG presents itself as a strong unit which gathers production, marketing and sales under a single umbrella. International sales and distribution activities are being pushed on.
The Gregomatic vacuum-washing system is a trademark as well as a machine that does not clean, but washes. The machine’s functioning is enduring and ecological – using little energy and little cold water, yet being highly efficient. The remaining waste water is ecologically withdrawn by suction and can easily be disposed of. The machine can be brought into operation with only a few actions and the boot of a car is sufficient for transportation.
A multifunctional cleaning concept
The concept is easy: fill fresh water container with cold tap water, connect the vacuum-washing automat to the mains supply (220/230 Volt) and the Gregomatic machine is ready to start. The cold water is sprayed onto the surfaces that need to be cleaned, be it hospital floors or walls as well as ceilings and swirled by the use of subpressure. Any type of surface, no matter how irregular and porous is freed from dirt without leaving any residue – simply sensational.
A closed circuit with separated clean and waste water containers ensures an easy and environmentally compliant disposal of the waste. 95 percent of the washing applications only ask for cold tap water. For the basic cleaning of extremely dirty walls, a little solvent (leach) is applied preliminarily. After the vacuum-washing process floors and walls are left behind, really dry.
The variety of use of the Gregomatic vacuum-washing system is broad. Not only floors, walls and ceilings of hospitals and homes can be cleaned, the vacuum-washing automat also extracts the dirt from soiled seats of trams and trains as well as from outer surfaces of buildings. The Gregomatic machine serves conservators of churches and historical buildings equally well and is efficient for the preparation of restoring frescoes and paintings as well as for stone floors and sculptures. The use of the machines for the preservation of monuments and historical buildings is very common and represents a very important field of application to Gregomatic AG.
Unlimited range of applications
The variety of use is almost unlimited. It really excels in situations where other cleaning systems are reaching their limits. In the field of food and health services, use of Gregomatic ensures a nearly germfree work environment. Post-fire cleaners appreciate the odour neutralisation, the machine has become a part of their standard work equipment and Facility Management companies enjoy and swear by the diversity of use.
The machines are used in power plants, up to machine- and tool manufacturing including the nano-particle industry. Mandatory security and quality standards required in these industries are ensured due to the closed circuit of the machines. Maintenance and cleaning crews of public transportation companies in Basle, Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, etc., and numerous hospitals and homes (domestic and abroad), benefit from the Gregomatic vacuum-washing-system.
Intriguing vacuum-system
Today there are two machine types available: type 300 with a clean water container capacity of 30 litres and type 800 with a capacity of 60 litres. The solid machine concept guarantees a long lasting and utterly low-maintenance operation.
The wide operation range of the machines is simply striking. Horizontally, a range of up to 80m can be covered with the Gregomatic vacuum-washing automat and vertically, for example on walls and hall ceilings, a height of up to 20m can be reached – without moving the machine or losing significant throughput of the vacuum pump.A short workshop by Gregomatic AG instructs professional handling and maintenance of the machine.The machines are in conformity with the most important machine norms, including ASEV and CE-conformations.


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