Issue # 3, Vol: 3

Seven Stars Cleaning Solutions launches Hefter’s Turnado 38 compact scrubber drier

Seven Stars Cleaning Solutions launched the Turnado 38 (T38), a new professional compact scrubber drier from Hefter Cleantech, amidst a gathering of key industry professionals including its valuable customers at Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai on September 27, 2010. The company’s novel tagline - German Excellence, Trusted Partner - was also introduced to the select assembly.

An in-depth discussion was held vis-à-vis the subject of sustainability and the cleaning industry. The event highlighted the importance of the existence of genuine concern and understanding in a supplier- customer relationship.

“With our core competencies in the areas of chemical cleaning products, cleaning systems and training and knowledge transfer, we believe in serving our customers in the best possible manner. The fast growing UAE market requires excellent products and services with high quality standards and top customer satisfaction at all times,” says Praveen S. Pillai, managing director of Seven Stars Cleaning Solutions GmbH & Co KG.

The Turnado 38 scrubber drier is a small, flexible and compact professional machine for small areas. It is ideal for cleaning smaller retail sales rooms, kitchens, small and misaligned storage spaces, hotel and office entrance areas, locker rooms and restrooms, garages and such constricted areas easily.

It has the ideal dimensions for small sized rooms with relatively limited space. With a cleaning capacity of 1200 square meters an hour, the T38 can outperform the traditional mopping system, states the manufacturer, wherein a mop is dipped into the same, already dirty water every time.

In doing so, dirt is dispensed across the whole area. On the other hand, with the T38, fresh water is used and additionally, the floor is dry again immediately. One can use the machine without disrupting the daily workflow of an organization.
As a product, it enjoys certain advantages
such as:
• Closed dirt water tank
• Simple, easy handling and support
• Flexibility and agility
• No separate tank on the steering column
• Permanently high brush pressure
• Extremely compact dimensions
• Simple service access

The T38’s 15 liter tank volume proves to be more than sufficient for a substantial amount of cleaning to be done. The scrubber drier is simple to handle with ergonomic handle adjustment and well-arranged, self-explanatory display. It also possesses a tool-free changing of brushes mechanism.

Seven Stars is a German registered limited company (GmbH & Co KG) which was founded on August 25, 2005 to create, offer and deliver total cleaning solutions to its target customers in dedicated industry segments. Under the joint umbrella of Buzil and Hefter Cleantech, it believes in adopting a total solution approach using innovative German products with a competitive edge.

Moreover, the company’s aim is to implement measurable quality standards as well as process simplifications that reduce cost in terms of labour, time and management of resources. It believes in constantly evaluating the improvement potential through a checklist of desired quality levels, needs analysis, definition of future state and that of improvement areas. Of utmost importance to Seven Stars is forging synergistic relationships with service providers, which is not only a win-win situation for both the parties involved, but also for the end customers.

For more information,
please contact:
Seven Star
Cleaning Solutions
GmbH & Co KG
Tel: +971 6 5574701/02


  • Window Cleaning Equipment
    Bayersan Wiper handle/aluminium telescopic extension
  • WebCTRL Environmental Index:
    Balancing efficiency with comfort in built environments
  • Washroom hygiene
    EJ-522W Liquid Air Freshener Dispenser
  • Vileda Professional’s new Origo Line: Cleaning trolley with one great idea, three different series
    Vileda Professional has created a new series of Origo Line cleaning trolleys, to which the janitor can choose from its many standard configurations or have it customized exactly to their cleaning requirements. In theory, the Origo 100, 300, 500 and 700 se
  • Vileda Professional cleaners
    DynaCross Superpad floor pads They are designed to last longer, do the job faster, prolong the life of the floor coatings and protect investments in floor car machinery.
  • Viking Gulf Trading Gulf launches new range of washroom hygiene products
    Viking Gulf Trading has launched a new coordinated range of washroom hygiene products.
  • Viking Gulf Trading
    re-launches PowerBoss Armadillo and Commander industrial sweepers
  • Viking Gulf nominated as sole GCC distributor for TYMCO regenerative air sweepers
    TYMCO invented and later perfected the Regenerative Air Sweeper to a standard which all air sweepers today are measured.
  • Vikan’s Slimliner trolley suits tighter spaces
    Measuring only 40 cm wide, the new Slimliner trolley from Vikan is purpose designed for professional and efficient cleaning in busy environments with limited space.
  • Victor introduces battery-powered range of rotary floor cleaning machines
    Victor has introduced the world’s first ever range of battery-powered rotary floor cleaning machines.
  • VERTECO’s innovative waterless urinal system and rental model become popular
    VERTECO, a global leader in retrofit waterless urinal systems and innovative water saving solutions for washroom environments opened its MENA office in Dubai in April 2010, and following their success in a short period, they recently launched regional ren
  • VERTECO: The retro-fit waterless urinal solution
    It fits into 98 percent of new and existing urinals without the need to change the urinal bowl.
  • Vendor’s New IQ Towel Cabinet ensures continuous supply of clean, hygienic towel
    Easy top-up means the towel never runs out
  • Veltia launched new hand dryer
    Veltia recently launched its Newh hand dryer V7 Tri Blade designed on a patented system. It’s a smart dryer that indicates through a LED signal light and sound when the filter needs a change or water tanks needs to be drained.
  • VDM Multifunctional Cars MX 303: Maneuverability, versatility and safety lower a janitor’s strain
    Viking Gulf Trading’s VDM Multifunctional Cars MX 303 cleaning trolleys from Italy are designed to be very versatile with many options and additions. Although mostly used in shopping malls and hospitals, these trolleys can be converted to fit into
  • Urine Off:Helping in infection control in healthcare settings
    Helping in infection control in healthcare settings
  • Ultimate cleaning machine
    The Ultimate is a wet and a dry cleaning system from U.S. Products, which has been enjoying a prominent market space for more than 20 years.
  • Twintec Vario
    just nothing quite like it! Twintec Vario – Proof that 3 in 1 does go! The Range of One, Two and Three... Yes with this unique machine you get a choice of 3 sizes in one model.
  • Tornado CFV
    Tornado Industries introduces two new Taskforce CFV (critical filtration vacuums) machines designed for heavy-duty vacuuming in a variety of locations right from healthcare facilities to industrial locations.
  • Tielburger’s sweeping machines - for robust cleaning
    According to the German manufacturer, the professional range of Tielburger sweeping machines saves a lot of time and energy
  • Teupen’s LEO 50 GT crawlermounted access platform works
    No situation is too complex, no space too small, no surface too sensitive for the LEO 50 GT crawler-mounted aerial access platform built by Teupen GmbH, the German specialist.
  • Sutter CARE-Lotion cream
    The Sutter CARE-Lotion cream is a scented hand wash cream and totally certified by Ecolabel certified system.
  • Sterifast
    Sterifast from Portugal-based Sterilization & Disinfection Systems, LDA, is powerful partner for the development of low temperature sterilization and disinfection systems.
  • Steiner System’s innovative hand paper dispenser
    Steiner System is an international company based in Switzerland, which constantly looks for innovation in order to respond at best to its clients’ needs.
  • Steel frame dish rack
    simplehuman company has designed steel frame dish rack in such a manner that keeps water flows into the sink, not onto the countertop.
  • Sojit S110
    Robot vacuum cleaner S110 from Chinese manufacturer Guangzhou Sojit Technology Company Limited
  • Sky Techniques’ high rise self cleaning machine
    Saves lives and time while providing cleaning efficiency to high rise towers
  • Single Use Dispensing System
    Chicopee has developed its own Single Use Dispensing System (S.U.D.S.). It comes with a choice of four unique wipes delivered in a dry, perforated roll. User can add the cleaning chemicals they already know and trust.
  • Single disc polishers from Nilfisk Alto
    SPINTEC 343
  • Simple Green Industrial cleaner and degreaser
    Simple Green’s cutting-edge formulation is very effective and ensures superior results. Simple Green is listed by the EPA on the National Contingency Plan for use as a “Surface
  • Seven Stars launches new range of Buzil chemicals
    Feeling well with Buzil
  • SaniPod™: the clear leader in the sanitary disposal industry
    SaniPod answers the very sensitive question faced by women: how to dispose of sanitary products hygienically, easily and sustainably? Fumacare Marketing Manager Sara Zygis takes a look at the reality of the sanitary disposal industry and why women s
  • S150 road sweeper from Fiorentini
    Fiorentini introduced a new range of road sweepers during the Clean Middle East Pulire exhibition. The S150 is a sweeper of 1 m3 of recovery tank capacity and provides a deep and thorough cleaning of all outdoor areas
  • Roca washbasin and water-closet for bathrooms
    Washbasin + Watercloset (W+W) is an innovative and creative sustainable water solution
  • Rieke Dispensing’s foamer range delivers choice and versatility
    Rieke Dispensing has launched a new range of foamer dispensers suitable for a wide variety of applications including hand soaps, hair care, personal care, household and pharmaceutical products.
  • QuattroSelect cleaning system from Diversey
    Highly efficient dilution platform for medium to large size building care operations
  • Pure Hold Hygiene Handle
    Door handle gel-dispenser improves hand-hygiene by up to 700 per cent A door-handle gel dispenser developed in conjunction with the National Health Service (NHS) specialists, in the UK, promises to fight against health care associated infections (H
  • ProVap’s steam cleaning: An innovation in hygiene
    The new ProVap technology from Osprey Deepclean is said to be the world’s first steam cleaning system to offer proven validated results for decontamination.
  • PRO-500
    The PRO-500 and PRO-750 continuous flow recycling carpet extractors from the Texas-based CFR Corporation are designed for deep cleaning heavily soiled carpets and upholstery. CFR designs and manufactures a complete range of eco-friendly
  • Premiere Products’ Ecoforce penetrates the Gulf market
    Premiere Products, a manufacturer of commercial cleaning, hygiene and maintenance chemicals and machines,
  • Powr2 Orbital Floor Machine
    Powr-Flite introduces the Powr2 Orbital Floor Machine. This rectangular floor machine helps users clean corners and edges often missed by rotary systems.
  • Panasonic Eco-friendly humidifying air purifiers
    The company has recently launched the new range of energy - efficient air purifiers
  • Oxford Mat
    The Oxford mat from Crown Mats and Matting is designed to be both attractive and high performing indoor entrance mat. It’s so effective that it can hold up to a gallon of water per square yard
  • Orbis battery scrubber from Truvox –suitable for multiple hard floor types
    This compact and maneuverable battery operated scrubber dryer is ideal for small to medium sized areas in restaurants, schools, leisure centres and healthcare premises. Equipped with a 17 litre tank capacity, the scrubber can approximately clean 11,300 s
  • OmniFlex
    A big benefit of Kaivac’s OmniFlex crossover cleaning system allows users to start with the basics and then cross over,
  • Oertzen high-pressure equipment from Viking Gulf Trading
    Viking Gulf Trading, one of the leading suppliers of cleaning equipment and hygiene products in the GCC region, is the distributor of Oertzen high-pressure equipment in the GCC region.
  • O TENS AZID G 501
    Acidic cleaner for porcelain stoneware, surfactant-free solution from buzil is an effective solution to remove dirty built up of limescale on surfaces.
  • Numatic NuClean: Versatility and practicality of a trolley in a single design concept
    Distributed by Continental Trading, Numatic NuClean is a cleaning trolley with a highly compact professional cleaning system, available in 4 individual styles: the NC-3000, NC-4000 and NC-3000AT, NC-4000AT. NuClean comes with a range of 4 ‘Lock on
  • Nexwoven: new product line of rolls for wet wipes
    Nexwoven is the new line of products,where the functionality of the materials used is enriched by a practical dispenser to control wet wipes dispensing; a system that; besides improving the correct dispensing of the wipe ensures a longer product life.
  • Newmatic
    introduces Girbau’s latest flatwork technology to the Middle East
  • New vacuum cleaner launched by Kiam Power products
    The Aquarius Contractor is the new, professional carpet & upholstery cleaner from Kiam Power products. It is a wet & dry vacuum cleaner. While cleaning,
  • New Replay collection
    Kohler, a US-based global leader in kitchen and bath design and technology, has launched its new Replay collection of integrated vanities and cabinets in the UAE market.
  • New market entrants
    SUTTER cleaners to hit the market in June
  • New floor pads and food service products
    Americo introduced its new range of floor pads and additional food service products which include:
  • New accessory
    Electric brush now available for the Canister T 15/1
  • Net Effect carpet tiles
    Interface, Interface is a global leader in the design and production of carpet tiles, has recently introduced new modular carpet tile collection under brand name of Net Effect in the Gulf market
  • Moisture-controlled atomization extraction wands
    CFR’s moisture-controlled atomization extraction wands and hand-tools help control and minimize the amount of moisture that comes into contact with carpet fibres when cleaning.
  • Microfibre DiamondMop
    Microfibre mops from Greenspeed, Netherlands, are being marketed under the brand name of DiamondMop.
  • Metalprogetti Cloakroom Service
    Technology to revolutionize laundry logistics services in the regional by offering computerized round-the-clock access to the laundry in medium and large scale operations
  • MEET Green Duct for biological treatment of kitchen ducts
    From a technical perspective, kitchen ducts in commercial establishments are specially designed to vent grease-laden vapors and heat from commercial cooking operations
  • MEDICLINICS paper towel dispensers
    With the experience of being nearly 40 years in the washroom accessories business, Mediclinics is offering nowadays a wide range of paper towel dispensers, covering the concrete needs of each construction.
  • Matting Solutions
    Nomad Optima Entrance Mats
  • Mat Mania mats:
    Trap dust before it destroys the floors
  • MAK Pools offers Zodiac’s Vortex 3 poolcleaner
    Vortex 3 is an intelligently designed pool cleaner which has been awarded 15 European patents (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial)
  • Majestic Toilet Cleaner
    Developed and manufactured by Unichem Majestic Industries
  • Maintaining Cleanliness, hygiene in plants manufacturing food-grade packaging material
    Buz Wipe G 270 (formerly Laminate Cleaner) from Buzil-Werk Wagner GmbH and Company ensures optimal cleaning results for colour-sensitive floor surfaces as well.
  • MagicArt: New range of hotel linen trolleys from TTS
    MagicArt is the new unique and innovative range of TTS hotel linen trolleys available in exciting designs and colours. They can also be customised and personalised to the hotel or hotel chain.
  • Magic: Build your trolley that fits your needs
    TTS presents a revolutionary range of trolleys – MAGIC – which are said to be the first multi-purpose line of trolleys that are completely made of polypropylene. Designed ergonomically to be easy and comfortable while in use; the MAGIC clea
  • Macro’s Clever-S01: A compact ride-on professional scrubber
    The ride-on scrubber Clever S-01 from Macro, an Italian company is compact having the operator onboard.
  • Kohler’s Recycling Initiative:
    Insight Touchless Faucets using hybrid recyclable cells
  • Kohler introduces odour reducing toilet seat
    Kohler has recently launched the Purefresh toilet seat, featuring a built-in technology that deodorizes bathroom air.
  • KIEHL-Omni-fresh
    Kiehl-Omni-fresh is a pH-neutral surfactant cleaner for removing unpleasant odours. The product doesn’t simply cover unpleasant odours, but eliminates them based on micro-biological processes.
  • Kee Safety anchor devices for professionals who work at heights
    to tap regional cleaning and FM market
  • Kärcher’s Water Purifier System
    Kärcher’s water purifying systems or reverse osmosis plants are ideal for deployment in hospitals to provide clean drinking water
  • Kärcher launches new KM 150/500 R vacuum sweeper
    The vacuum sweeper is a robust machine for industrial cleaning applications
  • Kärcher launches B40 C-W scrubber-drier
    Karcher, a commercial cleaning equipment and product manufacturer, has rolled out its new B40 CW walk behind scrubber drier; which has been dubbed as the key to easy operation.
  • Kärcher BR and BD 100/250 RI
    Sweeps, scrubs and dries in one operation
  • JotashieldColourLast & ColourXtreme
    Jotun, the leading paint manufacturer in the Middle East, has introduced two new products as part of its Jotashield range of long lasting,
  • IPC Euromop Trolleys
    New Wet Mop Trolleys Manufactured by IPC Euromop and distributed by Super Middle East Chemicals and CLG MAT LLC
  • IPC Euromop offers antibacterial line of products
    Current trends in the Cleaning Industry IPC Euromop Antibacterial Line
  • ICM42 D scrubber drier
    The ICM42 D diesel version is an industrial ride on scrubber drier from Ing O Fiorentini, Italy. The scrubber machine comes with 330 litres of solution tank capacity
  • Hygiene Solutions from Continental Trading
    Cable-free, ultra-high speed burnisher/buffing machine from Windsor
  • HydraPort 100 Extractor
    The dual-cord US Products HydraPort 100 is the perfect instant heat, hot water extractor to clean carpets and upholstery in residential and commercial settings and in trucks
  • HydraPort
    US Products’ HydraPort series of carpet extractors are the culmination of a major engineering initiative, and it all started with direct input from carpet cleaning technicians.
  • Hybrid Blower 3400
    The versatile Hybrid Blower 3400 is light and compact, yet within its robust body it has the power to generate a high airflow for faster drying of carpets, walls and ceilings.
  • Housekeeping/ Janitorial Systems
    Air Neutralizer Citrus
  • HOST dry extraction system
    Unlike other surfaces in hotels and offices, carpet is the only surface people walk on, drag suitcases, housekeeping trollies etc. It is this carpeted surface that needs continual attention by the housekeeping staff to ensure it looks nice for guests
  • HighPure System – Cleaning windows without detergent
    In Dubai, Al Bariq represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment.
  • Hörmann’s new fire-proof doors
    Hörmann Middle East, a Dubai-based manufacturer of industrial, commercial and residential doors
  • Gelair to stop air-conditioning systems from turning into microbial breeding grounds
    The biodegradable solution contains tea tree oil which is a broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent
  • Geberit dual flush solution for cisterns
    The Geberit dual flush lets the user decide: are three litres of water enough, or do you need twice that amount?
  • Food hygiene chemicals / equipment Piccomat FS / Spontan Super
    Kleen Purgatis International AG is offering two new products namely Piccomat FS and Spontan Super.
  • Flexi and jolly high-pressure washers
    High-pressure washers are of two types – hot water washers and cold water washers.
  • Fimap professional scrubbing machines: Overall saving and no waste
    With the focus on innovation, Fimap has designed and manufactured effective and efficient professional machines
    The company that offers an environmentally-friendly solution to the removal of carbon deposits on cooking and baking equipment
  • Falcon Waterfree Urinals:
    The blue print for a greener restroom
  • Exterior matting solutions –dust barriers and floor protectors
    The dusty and windy weather conditions of the UAE pose a challenge to keeping floors clean.
  • Excel successful with Baudoin Wash Systems in the Middle East
    Having seen the current trend of high rise building with glass facades in the Middle East, Excel International Group felt the need of bringing in a cleaning system which is not only practical but also cost effective and environmental friendly.
  • Excel introduces hands-free conversion of organic waste to compost
    With the objective of reducing the ever-increasing landfills in the UAE, an Ajman-based company presented the hands-free Food Waste Digester for the first time in the region at the Middle East Waste
  • EverPrime Indoor Air Quality Protector
    EverPrime indoor air quality protector from Waterless Co is an effective tool for protecting indoor air quality particularly in rest rooms.
  • ES 71 oil
    The powerful cleaning punch of citrus oil ‘ES 71’ from Charlotte Products/Enviro-Solutions is a multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser and odour eliminator.
  • Ergodisc Omni
    Ergodisc Omni high speed single disc rotary machines from the Netherlands-based Taski clean effectively, while reducing water, chemical and energy consumption.
  • Equodose
    Equodose is a green solution from Filmop for mopping systems. The daily use of Equodose guarantees a major fresh water saving, detergent saving, energy saving.
  • Energy water conservation in wash wrooms
    IMP Touchless soap dispeners
  • EnduroShield to come to GCC
    Nanotechnology based products to facilitate construction and FM industries
  • Emerald Bin Monitoring System
    to facilitate recycling companies and waste management service providers
  • Econa Concentrate
    Econa Concentrate balance is an all-purpose routine cleaning concentrate and ideal for daily cleaning activity. Econa Concentrate balance preserves the material,
  • Ecokleen provides a complete hygiene system with Inspection Light
    A powerful tool in locating contaminants such as urine and other biological materials
  • ECO-500
    The ECO-500 from Texas-based CFR is ideal for carpet cleaning. It filters and recycles cleaning solution up to seven times,
  • Dosely
    Dosely is an innovative dispenser of cleaning solution enabling the soaking of mops directly on the trolley. It is made of plastic, totally mechanical and modular (there are no electrical parts).
  • Dopomat-forte
    Dopomat-forte is an alkaline industrial cleaner ideal for dissolving engine oil, grease, etc.
  • Disinfection stations
    Dosatron International SAS, France, has developed disinfection stations to ensure hygiene care protocols at operating theatres, local sterilization rooms
  • Crown Mats Wonder-Pro Indoor Wiper Mat
    The Crown Mats Wonder-Pro is an indoor mat with a vinyl border designed for areas with medium to heavy foot traffic. It’s right at home in hotels, motels, resorts, schools
  • Crown Commercial Mats
    The commercial mats from Crown Mats & Matting are designed in such a way that these mats keep soil and moisture outside and known as ‘Clean Machine.’
  • CONSERV Water Reclaim System: Ideal Solution for water conservation
    The system reclaims water from vehicle wash centres and delivers clean water for reuse following a purifying process
  • Concept Evolution
    Computer Aided Facilities Management software from FSI
  • Columbus Reinigungsmaschinen offers Economical
    The Brand Name for Economical Cleaning
  • CLS – Container Logistic System
    The company HUSMANN, largest German manufacturer of waste compactors and container system solutions,
  • Chemspec Europe
    Chemstractor SC is a commercial cleaning machine from Chemspec Europe Ltd. This product consumes 54 per cent less cleaning solution than any conventional wet cleaning extraction method.
  • Carpet Care
    SuperPRO 700 from Pacvac
  • Carpasol
    Carpasol is a carpet cleaner from KIEHL for spray extraction machines. The solution contains very effective low foaming surfactants, which ensure a thorough cleaning of the carpet
  • Blue Stream comes up with Classic Ecofriendly waste receptacles
    Blue Stream has relaunched its waste receptacle model “Classic Ecofriendly” with a new touch.
  • Bee’ah launches complete range of street cleaning and waste management services under Tandeef bann
    Bee’ah, the Sharjah Environment Co. has launched Tandeef, a complete range
  • BD 17/6 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber
    The battery-operated BD 17/6 Compact Scrubber from the US-based Tornado Industries Inc is ideal for cleaning small-to-medium sized spaces or hard-to-clean areas underneath counters where a mop is traditionally used
  • Bacoban
    Bacoban wipes and solution from Adexano are ideal for cleaning surface of any equipment, machinery, etc.
  • ‘Shopster’ trolly
    VERMOP Deutschland GmbH has launched the customised ‘Shopster’ trolly in the market addressing the space problem in cleaning in a small area.
  • Aura decorative fly killer
    Manufactured by Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of quality insect control solutions, the Aura™ decorative fly killer is an ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications.
  • Ashgrove
    Specialist Products debuting at the FM Expo
  • Anti-bacterial microfiber
    The US-based Norwex is offering its latest microfiber product adhering to global environment norms. The Norwex microfiber cloths reduce the consumption of cleaning chemicals up to 90 per cent,
  • Altro’s hygienic wall cladding
    Altro has launched new safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding with colour palettes designed to complement, mix and match
  • AiroCide from NASA
    Green technology to safeguard human health and achieve food safety
  • Actizyme: A biological solution for building maintenance
    Ecolab, an industry leader in the development of cleaning products
  • A Revolutionary Green Cleaning Agent: Urine Off Removes Organic Stains And Odours Completely
    A Revolutionary Green Cleaning Agent: Urine Off Removes Organic Stains And Odours Completely
  • 3M offers total solutions for all your floor care needs
    3M vigorously affirms its commitment to sustainable development through environmental protection, social commitment and economic progress.
  • 3M Carpet sweeper
    Using vacuum cleaners in a busy area generally cause some sort of inconvenience to the people moving around.