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Magic+ and Mini Magic
Magic+ and Mini Magic

TTS is introducing an innovative system to attach/detach Magic trolleys. Thanks to the new plastic hooks, users can create Magic+ - a fully accessorised trolley connected to a smaller mobile workplace; with a click, a part can be disconnected from the main trolley to avoid pulling the entire trolley and using just what is required. For example, one can manage waste collection separately by just detaching the collection module, or one can go ahead with room cleaning, or have access to small areas just with the module required.

This attachment/detachment system, which can be applied to the whole Magic Line, does not fear uneven floors: its particular structure allows one to overcome small steps or obstacles. The shape of these hooks allows wheel movement and the detachable module can be equipped with an ergonomic pushing handle.

In addition to this, Magic Line has been enriched by the last-born in TTS, Mini Magic trolleys, which have been developed in order to concentrate all the features and advantages of Magic Line on a small area.

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