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CBFM launches its first FM App in the Middle East
Date: 15-09-2016

Cofely Besix Facility Management (CBFM) recently launched the first Facilities Management App in the Middle East, designed and built to enhance Cofely Besix FM’s customer experience and allow the customers’ on-site staff access to download the App to their smartphone, which is available on both Android or iOS phones. “Once the person downloading the App has been authenticated as a building user, the App will enable individuals to report issues around a particular building, and receive status updates on their issues, all via simple push notifications,” explained Romano Fionda, Business Development Manager of Cofely Besix Facility Management.

The App allows CBFM customers to easily raise and log tasks without contacting the helpdesk or call centre for assistance, and can be used by both CBFM’s internal staff, or by the customer’s FM team on-site. “Smartphones play an important part of everyday life and with the App being available on both iOS and Android platforms, it means that people can take a photo and raise a task at their convenience or on the move, perhaps whilst walking around a building carrying out routine inspections,” added Fionda. The new App will also allow CBFM’s customers to complete customer satisfaction surveys relevant to service delivery of a particular contract held on-site. Additionally, it allows customers to seamlessly contact the CBFM staff, or any key personnel, and also to view the website where they can read the latest news.” 

From an internal perspective, the App will be used for all CBFM staff to complete internal customer satisfaction surveys, and view any news updates and internal communications. 


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