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Seven Stars-Buzil adopts go-green stance to cleaning
Dated: 24-06-2010

Buzil’s Planta edition contains a range of biodegradable cleaning products with the EU Ecolabel stamp

Spotting the huge potential of the cleaning industry, Isabell Wagner, Managing Director (MD), Buzil-Werk Wagner GmbH & Co. KG turned towards the Middle East market. She was ready to take on the challenge head-on of providing high German standards vis-à-vis cleaning chemicals and processes with a flexible approach to the clients in the market here with the support of Seven Stars Cleaning Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.

“UAE is just the starting point and the emirates today are at the centre of the world. It gives us the starting point to go towards Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and even India. We want to offer our whole assortment to the client along with additional support. If you give good service, you are out of the competition,” enthuses Isabell Wagner.
The Seven Stars- Buzil team is a flexible and approachable one and believes in providing support to the customers efficiently in terms of product-usage training and works hard to acquire new clients based on an empathetic business model.
Buzil’s strengths are its commitment to service and innovation
“Buzil does not have just one USP. We are a medium–sized family owned company. Hence, we are flexible and approachable. The size of the company is its advantage and anyone can talk to the one in the highest position. We are also innovative and have the various product ranges in the market: Planta edition – the bio degradable eco friendly products, Budenat edition- the total disinfection range for hospitals, schools, etc., Classic- the regular range of daily maintenance cleaners, Drizzle®- the ready to use spray products, Roca – the complete solution for cleaning and protecting various stone floors, Compact- the high concentrate economy range, including the ones catering to food safety,” divulges the MD.
The thrust of Buzil is in investing tremendous manpower and time to create products and innovations. The management finds the Middle East market fast-growing with high levels of competitiveness and the demand coming forth from the Value for Money (VFM) proposition.
“Our pro-active approach proves to be useful in a competitive market, interspersed with numerous players. So, it is important to have a quick response rate, not to keep the client waiting. So, the major differentiator is being with the people. This people issue makes all the difference,” thoughtfully remarks the German head.
The go green approach
“Today, sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint are the need of the hour and Buzil’s Planta edition serves the purpose faithfully; the demand for it bearing testimony to this fact,” says Praveen S. Pillai, Managing Director, Seven Stars Cleaning Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.
He further explains, “A green product is biodegradable with the ability to disintegrate without harming the environment. Such a chemical mixes with water, does its job of cleaning and thereafter decomposes itself. The substances which create the cleaning effect are the surfactants and these in our products are biodegradable. To get the stringent Ecolabel stamp, all properties of the chemicals should be clearly mentioned to know what’s there in the components and such a product should be equally effective as any other cleaning product.
The product also ought to be user and skin-friendly. As the Planta range subscribes to all these parameters, it got the EU Ecolabel certification.”
Amongst the other ranges, the Budenat range was launched at CMS, Berlin September 2009. It’s all about structured dosage towards disinfection. It can be used in not just the hospitals, but also the schools and such public places to curb infectious bacteria.
Middle East is undoubtedly a place with huge expansive floor areas- be it hotels or malls. Roca is the range suited to protect and nourish different types of stones, which is in sync with the concept of protecting one’s building with the correct method of cleaning.
Understanding the UAE cleaning market
“Every market has its dynamics and the market here in the UAE is more reactive than the cleaning market back home. We like to give the latest product-use oriented knowledge right from scratch and provide the clients with innovative, quick solutions, besides the regular maintenance cleaning products. You can convince the client with good service, reliability and the knowledge to do good work further for its clients,” opines Isabell on the company’s strategy.
On the scenario in the cleaning industry in the face of today’s economic climate, she affirms, “The change we experience here is that there is an increasing pressure on cost to maintain standards. We can do it with better products, the relation between the customer and the company to provide better knowledge and with the increase in the level of education with reference to the product use. It’s not to do with how many people do the cleaning, but the standard to be maintained. The square metres need to be cleaned still and that’s growing irrespective of costs involved and the spiraling battle to win over the customer. It all boils down to an optimum balance between products, processes including drawing the service/training plans for the clients, and the working needs.”
“Our products also follow the colour codes for the cleaning chemicals. For the sanitary area, we have to use an acidic chemical and at the same time it should not adversely affect the skin of the cleaner. Hence, the cautionary note towards usage is conveyed through the red colour of such a chemical,” substantiates Praveen.
“The motivation to find the right recipe to make it work takes time, but it’s not difficult. Innovation, competitive knowledge and a pleasantly willing team are the back-bone of the product sales. You may have the right product, but if you don’t have staff with the right spirit, they’ll not be able to sell for free even. There’s more to come, this is just the beginning for Buzil,” sums up Isabell Wagner thought provokingly.



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