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Newmatic launches Girbau’s new 6 Series washers
Dated: 25-03-2010

Newmatic, the region’s one of the established Commercial Laundry Equipment and Spare Parts specialists since 1993 have launched Girbau’s 6 series washers in the Middle East market. This series comes in two versions- the HS or the high speed and free standing line, and the MS or the medium speed and hard mount line. This is based on Newmatic’s reputation for providing competitive solutions to its customers.

Faisal Ali, Sales Engineer, Laundry Equipment, Newmatic explains, "Girbau’s new 6 series washers are relatively new to the Middle East market. They stand out for their better spin speed, improved G-force, increased capacity and increased number of programmes."


To provide the clients with washers with the best washability and offer proprietors quality wash, profitability, productivity and a simple and easy form of management, Girbau has developed the 6 series washers.

The HS 6 series washer extractors are high speed and 100 percent Free Standing, do not require bolting down and reach spin speeds of up to 1000 rpm. They are available in the following capacities (ratio 1/9): 9kg (HS-6008), 14kg (HS-6013), 19kg (HS-6017), 25kg (HS-6023), 44kg (HS-6040), 63kg (HS-6057) and 122kg (HS-6110).

The MS 6 series requires bolting down, reaches speeds of up to 600 rpm and is available in the following capacities: 10kg (MS-610), 13kg (MS-613), 17kg (MS-617) and 23kg (MS-623).

Faisal Ali adds, "Both the versions offer the benefits in terms of being productive, cost-efficient, robust, easy to use, eco-friendly and ergonomic."

The noteworthy features of the new series in direct relation to the wash process functionality include those with regard to the mechanical action, temperature, time and chemical action coupled with an efficient water supply.

The relation between the depth and diameter of the drum in the series 6 washers guarantees possibly the best mechanical action. These washers also incorporate the new hot and cold water mixer system labeled as Aquamixer which permits the required temperature to be reached quickly and with maximum accuracy.

The new Coin controls - for coin-operated launderettes, Logi – for commercial laundries and Inteli – for professional dry cleaning, wet cleaning and so on, enable the adaptation of the wash programmes to the specific needs of each user. This results in faster and more suitable processes for the type of textile being treated. The chemical products are first diluted in a collector and so; do not come into direct contact with the laundry per se and assist in taking due care of the fabric.

The aforesaid factors require a well administered water supply to provide the necessary dilution and Girbau has managed this water optimization with the following measures:

• Minimum distance between the inner and outer drum: provides a good soaking capacity with lower levels of water

• Absence of heater chambers: avoids using unnecessary volume of water on filling

• Waste drain located next to the static part of the outer drum: reduces the volume of water between the outer drum and drain and avoids damage to the valve caused by vibrations.

The consequence of utilizing less water means reduced detergent consumption for the same concentrations, reduced thermal energy usage for the same temperatures and reduced filling time as well.

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