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Diversey Gulf launches new fruit and vegetable sanitizer
Dated: 25-03-2010

Diversey Gulf has launched its new fruit and vegetable sanitizing solution called Oxytech D50/500. The revolutionary food sanitizing liquid launch is a strategic distribution alliance between Oxytech Solutions and Diversey Gulf FZE and incorporates the exclusive rights to the Middle-East for the product.

Oxytech D50/500 is a Silver-Peroxide based sanitizer, a natural combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver particles. A great benefit of using Hydrogen Peroxide for sanitation is that it falls in the natural treatment category and is completely nontoxic. The use of silver particles in disinfection has an effective, long lasting effect that has been used since early cultures in history. To protect us from food poisoning, silver particles are now being put in cutting boards, table tops, surface disinfectants, washing machines, and refrigerators.

Oxytech is an ecological, sustainable alternative to the commonly used chlorine solutions in the region. Due to the synergy between both of the ingredients (Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver), it was possible to create a fast acting sanitizer with a long term effect. With Oxytech being a non-rinse solution, water savings to the operator is a key benefit, making it a cost effective solution. The product concentrate is precisely dosed through Diversey’s dosing technology and comes in two versions, high volume dispenser for food production factories and regular daily use for hospitality operations.

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